Arequipa Peru

Some destinations in Peru may require you to first consider when to go, namely due to weather conditions. Regardless of the season, however, it’s hard to find distaste with the natural conditions in the country’s second largest city. Arequipa Peru is the capital city of the Department that shares its name, and it boasts some 300 sunny days every year. Sounds pretty nice, huh? Well, there’s more. Arequipa may just be the most attractive city in all of Peru, and if that were not enough, it is also close to some of the best natural attractions that you will find within the Peruvian borders. Simply put, visiting the city of Arequipa, and the outlying attractions, should definitely be considered if you are planning a Peru vacation.

Arequipa Peru is found in the southwestern part of the country, about 635 miles south of Lima, and 325 miles south of Cusco. If you are heading from Cusco on towards the Lake Titicaca city of Puno, then you might plan a side trip to Arequipa, if not simply to enjoy the fine selection of Arequipa restaurants. Dining at the Arequipa restaurants provides visitors with some of the top choices to enjoy some of the best Peruvian food, not to mention international selections. You will find luxurious Arequipa restaurants, as well as plenty of nicely-priced casual ones, and if you get the chance to dine at one of the Arequipa restaurants that have outdoor seating, then you can admire the volcanoes that rise from the horizon. Some of the more notable Peru volcanoes can be found near Arequipa, such as El Misti, Pichu Pichu, and Chachani. These 3 volcanoes are found within the “Valley of Volcanoes”, and they top out at around 20,000 feet above sea level. They are popular to climb for outdoor adventurists, not to mention a pleasure to gaze at. Due to the volcanic nature of this region, various hot springs can be found throughout, such as those at Chivay, Huancarama and Yunque. There are package deals available if you want to climb the volcanoes, though they may be somewhat expensive if you have a tight budget. Of course, it is likely not often that you find yourself in Peru, so if you can manage the price, it is surely worth it.

You can also choose to tour Arequipa the city, and generally these tours are reasonably priced. When you tour Arequipa with a guide, they will take you to see all the main attractions, including the stately Plaza de Armas and its 16th century convent of Santa Catalina, the colonial Spanish white sillar buildings, and the historic city center. It should be noted that the city center has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After you tour Arequipa, you might head to your Arequipa hotel to rest up a bit before enjoying the city’s exciting nightlife. Stretching northward from the Plaza de Armas are Santa Catalina and San Francisco, which are two of Arequipa’s prime streets for going out at night. When touring in southern Peru, you will find that Arequipa and Cusco both boast some pretty great bars and clubs, just in case you are seeking out some evening fun on the town.

The Arequipa city attractions, restaurants and nightlife are a perfect compliment to the area’s outdoor possibilities. There is virtually something for everyone in Arequipa, it seems, and if you are looking to explore something truly spectacular, then you will not want to miss the chance to visit the nearby Colca Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is at the Colca Canyon that you will have the best chance to witness the famed Andean Condors. You can also go river rafting here, enjoy some of the best Peru trekking, or simply stand in awe at the splendor of it all. While the list of Arequipa Peru attractions could go on, it would likely result in a very lengthy read. You can find daily flights from Lima to Arequipa, which take about an hour, and if you are coming from Cusco, then the flight is merely half an hour. You can also arrive in Arequipa by way of train or bus, but with national flights running pretty cheap in Peru, they are a great way to maximize your travel time, allowing you to see and experience more of this stunningly beautiful country.

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