Cusco Planetarium

Cusco Planetarium, or Plentarium Cusco, as it is also known, is one of the best attractions in a city that is full of many. Better classified as an experience, this attraction revolves around stargazing and learning more about the cosmos as they present themselves in the southern hemisphere. This is more than just a chance to learn about the solar system, however. Planetarium Cusco offers wonderful insight into the ancient Inca culture, with the focus being on the culture’s attachment to the skies.

Studying the stars was something that the ancient Incas took very seriously. For them, this study was closely tied to religious and scientific beliefs, and many of the culture’s architectural offerings were built with the cosmos in mind. At the Planetarium Cusco complex, two interpretation rooms offer insight into culture and the cosmos. There is also a special dome room that seats up to 30. It puts on projection shows that highlight constellations that are common in the "Southern sky." Visitors also have the chance to look up at the heavens through powerful telescopes on a visit to this great attraction; it's one of the best places to go for unforgettable images of Cusco.

All things considered, the Cusco Planetarium experience is one that arguably every Cusco visitor should consider adding to their lists of things to do. The earlier in the trip the better, as the experience helps to lay down an amazing foundation for Cusco tours and other experiences that are likely to follow. It can surely add depth to a hike on the Inca Trail and/or a visit to Machu Picchu.

The Cusco Planetarium facilities are found on a private reserve that is situated within the boundaries of Sacsayhuaman park. Tour guests are picked up in the city and taken out to the site. Once the experience is over, they are returned to the city. The experience can vary according to group size. In terms of value, the price is pleasing, and it should be noted that there are both day and night presentations. The main host speaks English, so there is no need to fuss over language concerns. Warm clothing is recommended for night visits, and prospective visitors might make note of the fact that Planetarium Cusco features a shop, a cafeteria, bathrooms and a parking lot.

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