Lake Titicaca Floating Islands

The Lake Titicaca floating islands have been home to the Uros people for centuries on end. In fact, the Uros civilization pre-dates that of the Inca civilization, and according to Uros legend, their people were around before the sun came into existence. The Inca may have conquered the Uros eventually, though while the mighty Inca empire fell in the 1500's, the Uros people continue on much as they have since ancient times.

The Lake Titicaca floating islands are artificially made by the Uros people, and there are more than 40 of them on Lake Titicaca. Used in the construction process is tortora, which is a type of reed that is prevalent in the Lake Titicaca shallows. The Uros don’t stop at making islands with the reed, however. The homes that they build on their floating islands are also made out of tortora, as are watchtowers, schools, boats and souvenirs, among other things.

Tours that include a visit to the floating islands of the Uros are among the most popular Lake Titicaca tour options. Most of these tours begin in the Peruvian lakeside city of Puno. Often times, they are combined with visits to other more natural islands that are inhabited by other peoples. The Puno hotels are generally happy to help guests arrange floating islands tours, as well as other kinds of tours, and there are plenty of Peru tours in general that include a floating islands visit on their agendas.

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