Lake Titicaca Hotels

The number of Lake Titicaca hotels has increased in recent years, as this largest lake in South America only continues to grow in popularity as a tourist destination. As far as the Peru side of Lake Titicaca is concerned, the main traveler base is the lakeside town of Puno. This town has certainly seen an increase in accommodation choices over the years, and gone is the fact that its hotels cater only to the budget-minded backpacking crowd.

The cheapest of the cheap hotels in Puno lack many of the comforts that some travelers crave, like consistently hot water, but it is hard to beat them in terms of price. As for the more upscale Lake Titicaca hotels, they fall somewhere in the mid-range hotel category. This simply isn’t a destination where 5 star hotels figure among the lodging options.

Those who are seeking more upscale Lake Titicaca hotels might want to focus on those properties that are found just outside of Puno and on the banks of the lake. This is where the newer, more luxurious Puno hotels tend to find themselves. One such example is the Casa Andina Private Collection Puno. The rooms are comfortable and well-equipped in this relatively upscale hotel, and since the rates are arguably lower than they should be, it presents an excellent all around value. Another good bet for a comfortable hotel on the Lake Titicaca shores is the Sonesta Posada del Inca Lake Titicaca.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to check out some rooms at a cheap Puno hotel before you commit. Also, it can pay to barter at any and all local lodging establishments. Most of the Puno hotels are known to offer bargains for those who are willing to haggle, though these bargains are understandably harder to come by during the peak June to September Lake Titicaca travel season.

As a side note, the town of Copacabana serves as the main Lake Titicaca travel base in Bolivia. There aren’t as many hotels in Copacabana as there are in Puno, though there are at least a few that should be able to serve most tourists’ needs. Also worth considering on the Bolivian side are the hotels on the Isla del Sol (Sun Island). These hotels are very rustic on the whole, though at least one offers increased comfort. This more upscale example is known as the La Posada del Inca.

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