Mirador Observation Tower

The Mirador Observation Tower is the name that is given to a lookout point in Peru’s Nazca Desert. As for what visitors can expect to see from the metal tower, some of the famous Nazca Lines and the shapes that they create are within view. More specifically, it is possible to make out the Nazca designs that are known as the lizard, the hands and the tree. These designs, as is true of the Nazca Lines in general, were created hundreds of years ago and have been impressively preserved by the desert climate.

The cost to access the Mirador Nazca Observation Tower is low, and this helps to make it a relatively popular area attraction. Sure, the views might not be as impressive as they are on the Nazca tours that involve taking to the skies in a lightweight plane, but the cost is much less and visitors have the chance to see a pretty good collection of geoglyphs. Also, many people get sick on the plane tours, as the lightweight aircraft tend to dip and dive with frequency.

As for the exact location of the Mirador Observation Tower, it sits on a hillside along the Pan-American Highway and is only some twelve miles north of the city of Nazca. Any bus or "colectivo" that is heading north out of Nazca on the Pan-American Highway can be used as a means for getting to the site. It is also possible to arrange a Nazca Lines tour in Nazca that revolves around a visit to the Mirador. On these tours, guests are both picked-up and dropped-off at their hotels.

Image: nerdcoregirl, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (flickr)
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