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While hanging out in the World Heritage Site old town district is a delight for visitors to Lima Peru, the upscale neighborhood of Miraflores offers a nice compliment for those seeking urban Peru at its finest. Known for its shops, gardens and beaches, Miraflores Peru is a prime hub for Lima tourists, with the Miraflores hotels offering up some of the city’s most luxurious accommodations. Miraflores Lima is a busy neighborhood, where crossing the street can sometimes be a pretty hectic adventure, but the views of the Pacific Ocean from its cliffs are sure to relax your inner soul a bit. Miraflores basically translates to, “look at the flowers”, and its flower-filled parks provide a great respite when touring about town. As most international flights to Peru arrive at the capital city of Lima, the tourist hotels in Miraflores make for an excellent base if you are seeking lodging. You can get from the Lima airport to Miraflores by way of private bus, but the numerous taxis prove to be sufficient for most visitors.

Miraflores Peru and the adjoining neighborhood of San Isidro are Lima’s most exclusive neighborhoods. South of central Lima and nearer to the coast, both Miraflores and San Insidro are where the city’s commercial center is fixed, and besides offering some of the best Lima hotels, they are prime residential districts for Lima natives with more of a dispensable income. Miraflores is as much a cultural and entertainment center as much as it is a business and tourist hub. Some of the best Lima high schools are found in Miraflores Lima, and its galleries, theaters and movie-houses offer an array of diversions. When you add these attractions to the list of Miraflores Peru shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs, you can soon understand why many consider it the place to be in Lima. Especially on Sundays, Lima natives enjoy dropping in on Miraflores, if not for the Larcomar shopping mall, then perhaps for the flea markets and art shows found at the Parque Kennedy central plaza. If you are engaging in Miraflores travel and are looking for an exciting part of town to hang out at, you might head to the “Calle de las Pizzas”, where the city’s youth is particularly busy on the weekends. In case you are wondering, Calle de las Pizzas translates to “Pizza Street”.

One of the neatest places to relax for a bit and enjoy the Miraflores Lima Pacific Ocean views is the Parque del Amor, which means, “Park of Love”. The main lookout at Parque del Amor boasts not only amazing views, but also artistic walls and a statue depicting two lovers in a romantic embrace. It was partly, if not mainly, due to the words of poet Antonio Cilloniz, that Miraflores decided to erect this statue of lovers. Cilloniz had expressed his desire for South American monuments that praised lovers instead of battle heros, stating that, “In the cities, they do not build monuments to lovers”. His influential words are found below the statue. The cliffs of Miraflores are not only ideal for admiring the ocean, but also for those seeking out Miraflores adventure travel. While Miraflores adventure travel packages most often take you out of the city, you can feed your adventurous side by hangliding from nearby cliffs, or by surfing on its beaches. Paragliders most often launch from the coastal ridge along the Costa Verde, or Green Coast, for a chance to view the sea to one side and the capital city of Lima to the other.

Miraflores adventure travel, as most visitors know it, involves arriving at the Lima airport, transferring to a Miraflores hotel, embarking to outside destinations such as Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, and then returning to Lima. Miraflores adventure travel trips can generally be tailored to your needs, depending on the agency you choose to book with, and the number of days and stops depends basically on how much time you have. One of the great things about a Peru vacation is the number of helpful travel agents who will help you plan your vacation, from how to get there to where to stay. If you are heading to Peru without having arranged something like a Miraflores adventure travel package, you can rest assured that finding guides and helpful agents shouldn’t be too hard a task. In fact, they often will find you first.

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