Nazca History

Nazca history is divided into four major periods. These periods are the Proto Nazca period–100 BC to 1 AD, the Early Nazca period–1 to 450 AD, the Middle Nazca period–450 to 550 AD and the Late Nazca period–550 to 750 AD. The culture especially flourished between the years of 100 and 750 AD. Its people called southern Peru home, and among other things, they left behind some very interesting pottery.

Numerous cultures have populated the South American continent over the centuries. The Nazca are among the most renowned, and it isn’t just their pottery that makes them stand out. This is the culture that created the famous Nazca Lines. These lines that were essentially carved into the ground of Peru’s Nazca Desert form large geoglyphs that depict all kinds of things, such as geometric shapes and animals.

In relation to Nazca Lines history, scholars generally believe that these lines in the desert were created between 400 and 650 AD. The area in which they are found became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Nobody is quite sure what the purpose of the Nazca lines was, though there is no disputing that they are amazing. The Nazca Desert climate has played a key role in preserving them, and Nazca Lines tours are among the most popular tours in Peru.

As far as overall Nazca history is concerned, the culture began its decline in and around 500 AD. By 750 AD, it was all but completely dissolved. The ultimate collapse of the culture is largely attributed to flooding caused by the climate pattern known as El Nino.

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