Nazca Lines Tour

Taking a Nazca Lines tour is something that many Peru visitors have in mind. The reason behind this is the unique nature of the Nazca Lines. These ancient geoglyphs that were created by the Nazca people between the years of 400 and 600 AD are large in scale and have been etched right into the ground in Peru’s Nazca Desert. Among other things, these drawings of sorts depict insects and animals. There are also geometric shapes, as well as numerous lines that don’t seem to pertain to any certain design. The largest geoglyphs measure more than 600 feet across.

Due the fact that they are etched into the ground and are quite large in scale, the Nazca Lines are best seen from above. In other words, flying through the area skies is the best way to appreciate them. The city of Nazca is where most of the Nazca Lines tours originate out of, and it is the best place to arrange overflights.

The Nazca location is in southwest Peru. For sake of reference, the capital city of Lima is about 275 miles to the north. Small charter airlines in Nazca offer the majority of the flyover tours, and they base themselves at the city’s small airport. It should be noted that helicopter tours can also be arranged in Nazca, and there are plane tours that originate out of Ica as well.

Interestingly enough, it is possible to arrange a Nazca Lines tour in Lima. These one-day tours include a flyover session and tend to be more expensive than the tours that originate out of the more immediate area. Also worth considering are the Nazca Lines tours that include more than just a flyover session. Such things that can be included on the side include a visit to the ancient Nazca complex of Cahuachi and dune buggy adventures. The options are quite extensive, and there are package deals that go as far as including accommodations, so travelers should find it easy to arrange a Nazca Lines tour that suits their preference.

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