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Anywhere it seems you go in Peru is an adventure. There are few countries in the world that boast so many stunning attractions, both natural and man made. With a long coastline, soaring mountains and an exotically-suffocating portion of the Amazon Rainforest within its borders, Peru is a place where adventure lurks around every bend. A Peru adventure vacation, which generally includes enjoying the great outdoors, is easily coupled with a Peru sightseeing vacation, as the two almost go hand in hand. Even if you take the train to Machu Pichhu and then a bus up to its entry point, you will eventually be walking the sacred grounds, savoring its majestic setting, and more than likely climbing its most identifiable peak, Huayna Picchu. Visitors to Peru don’t don Gore-tex clothes and bring sturdy boots for nothing. It is the prevailing adventurer’s attitude that brings most tourists to Peru, and Peru adventure travel is among the greatest pursuits not only in South America, but in all the world. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the country’s beautiful and friendly people help to make everyone feel at home.

On our examination of Peru adventure will discuss some of the possibilities, starting with the coast, and moving east towards the jungle. The Pacific Ocean runs the full length of Peru’s western edge, and though the beaches here won’t exactly rival those in Florida or Jamaica, for example, there are growing opportunities to enjoy the water. Peru surfing is on the rise, namely in the northern part of the country, and some spots can be enjoyed year round. Near the cities of Tumbes and Piura, the waves are world-class, and if you are visiting Trujillo, you can drop in on the nearby town of Huanchaco. Other notable surfing beaches in northern Peru can be found at Mancora and Chicama, among others. Piura might be the best city to base yourself in for surfing tours. South along the coast to the capital city of Lima, those making adventure to Peru plans might consider trying paragliding. Since you are likely going to stay in Lima for at least one day, you can take to the skies from Costa Verde, which is a seaside area near the neighborhood of Miraflores. Local guides are with you every step of the way to help you have a fun and safe flight. Much like surfing, Peru scuba diving is increasing in popularity, and it too can be enjoyed year round. You can book scuba lessons and tours from cities such as Tumbes, Lima, Ica and even Arequipa.

Speaking of Arequipa, it just might rival Cusco for best Peru cities for adventure travel to Peru. Both Cusco and Arequipa are ideal places to organize either mountain climbing or trekking tours. Near Arequipa are a list of volcanoes, some of which you can hike and climb. Snow covered Andes Mountains peaks await those who enjoy strapping on crampons and grabbing an ice axe. Only about 100 miles from Arequipa is the majestic Colca Canyon, and treks into and around it can be part of your Peru adventure vacation. If you enjoy rock climbing, you might consider it while you are visiting the northern highlands city of Cajamarca. Of course, however, the most famous of Peru treks is located in the southern part of the country. In Cusco, scores of tourists book hiking trips on the Inca Trail. Parts of the trail can be quite adventurous, and with the surrounding Andean summits and an end reward like Machu Picchu, it’s hard to imagine a better walk existing anywhere on the planet. Whitewater rafting is also a fun adventure sport in Peru. Near Cusco, rafting expeditions take you through parts of the Sacred Valley, where the scenery will take your breath away.

After exploring the options for adventure travel to Peru for the desert coast and the mountain highlands, you can throw yourself into an environment so starkly different that you will find it hard to believe that you are in the same country. The Peru jungle cities of Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado and Manu are the primary bases for a Peru adventure vacation in the jungle. if you want nature in your face and the ultimate in bio-diversity, the Amazon Jungle is the place to go. Paddle your way down the Amazon River and enjoy the jungle scenery, take treks on Jungle trails and see plants and animals that will boggle your mind. Do pink dolphins really exist? In the Peru jungle they do. You can visit native tribes in the Amazon, go fishing, or enjoy the best road in the world for birdwatching. There are plenty of package tours for different lengths of time, so squeezing a jungle excursion in on your Peru adventure vacation is definitely a great option.

Depending on how much time you have for adventure travel to Peru, you can explore terrains that vary so much they should seemingly be on different continents. Whereas Cusco may be the best base for a Peru adventure vacation, you can find exciting outdoor activities in Peru wherever you go. Tours in Peru are so abundant and popular that you will almost surely end up on at least one, and why not take advantage of local knowledge? Both affordable and enjoyable, Peru adventure travel is sure to make for a most memorable vacation.

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