Peru Beaches

Unfortunately for Peru, its more than 1,800 miles of coastline does not boast a bunch of great beaches. Peru’s western Pacific coast is defined mostly by desert regions, which can make for some moderately pretty settings. Arguably, the best beaches in South America are found in Ecuador and Columbia, which lie to the north of Peru. The best Peru beaches extend from the country’s northern coast on down to Lima, and they get their fair share of use during the hot months of January, February and March. In coastal cities like Lima, the locals flock to the beaches during the South American summer, especially on the weekends. Various water sports can be enjoyed in Peru, with surfing being among the most popular. Cities in Peru that boast the country’s top beaches include Piura, Tumbes, Trujillo and Lima. If you are visiting these cities when the weather is hot, you might find yourself enjoying the waves or simply soaking up some nice sun rays at one of the nearby Peru beaches. More and more options for beach resorts Peru accommodations are springing up along the country’s coast, so you might consider booking a Peru beach vacation. It could be a nice compliment for trips to the Amazon jungle, the Andes Mountains or the country’s abundant archaeological sites.

Peru Beaches
Peru Beaches

Punta Sal is, according to many, the top entry for best beaches in Peru. Punta Sal isn’t too far from the Ecuador border, and it is surely one of your best bets for beach resorts Peru vacations. Besides surfing, you can explore options for scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and wind surfing at Punta Sal. Surfing is best enjoyed from December to March, and the area’s abundant sunshine means that you will more than likely grab some sun rays with your waves. The trip to Punta Sal takes about an hour by car if you are coming from Tumbes. You might consider staying at the Punta Sal Club Hotel, where you can arrange for a horse ride on the shore, or tour mangrove swamps and nearby beaches. You can choose between a single or double room, or stay in one of the 2 and 4 bedroom bungalows. Rates here include breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant. You can get to Punta Sal by taking a taxi, colectivo or local bus from either Tumbes or Piura. If you are coming from Lima, the bus ride is a long one, while the flight to Piura takes under two hours.

Mancora Peru
Mancora Peru

About a half hour from Punta Sal is another one of the best beaches in Peru. Mancora is particularly popular with surfers looking to catch that next big wave. Waves commonly reach 6 feet and taller from December to March, and the shorefront surf shops here generally offer lessons. Mancora is a small fishing town, but it gets pretty lively during warmer months. Mancora has been growing in popularity, particularly with Inca Trail hikers looking for a nice and relaxing ending to an otherwise laborious vacation. The beach at Mancora has plenty of soft, white sand if you are up for a stroll, and even if you don’t come during the peak surf season, there is always some kind of break here to ride. The Las Pocitas rock formation here is a pleasure to explore, offering relaxed swimming pools. You can expect to find some lively bars near the beach at Mancora, particularly during the summer. There is a good selection of hotels and hostels in town, and the low prices make it a great consideration for beach resorts Peru. Other great beaches in Peru that are found in the north include Paita, which is about 30 miles west of Piura, Pimental and Santa Rosa, both found under 10 miles from Chiclayo, and Huanchaco, which lies just 7 miles from Trujillo.

As most flights to Peru arrive in Lima, it is likely that you will land here if you are coming to Peru on an airplane. During a good portion of the year, Lima is covered in a dense fog known as the garúa. But come summer, the skies clear up and the sun shines hot and bright. Summer here is from December to April, and it is when the beaches in Lima Peru really kick it into full gear. The beaches in Lima Peru offer different settings, some with sandy shores, others with rocky ones. In the Lima neighborhoods of Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos, you can head to the beach to cool off for a bit, and the port area of Callao also has some spots where you can dip in the Pacific. Most beach connoisseurs would agree that the best beaches in Lima Peru are located south of the city. These are most popular with the young crowd, with plenty of nightlife activity in the summer. Most of the top Peru beaches can be found off exits of the Pan-American freeway, as is the case with Lima’s southern beaches. Among the most popular beaches in Lima Peru are El Silencio, Señoritas, and Caballeros, all of which are joined. Here you can find restaurants and bars, and some pretty good surfing waves. Being that they are found on the Pacific Ocean, the Peru beaches are a wonderful place for catching sunsets. You might consider looking into a Peru vacation rental if you are thinking of staying on the coast.

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