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Peru trekking is among the top pursuits for visitors to this scenic and diverse country. If you want to pair sightseeing with Peru adventure travel, then adding a trek in Peru can be the best way to do it. Peru trekking is usually best enjoyed in the Andes Mountains and in the Amazon Rainforest, where the sights, sounds and experiences are life-changing. Peru tours are so numerous and practical that you will likely find yourself booking one during your Peru vacation, and Peru treks are among the most popular tours around. Cities such as Cusco and Arequipa are ideal for highlands Peru trekking, while the jungle posts of Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado and Manu are bases for Peru treks and adventures in the Amazon Rainforest. Trekking is more or less another word for hiking, carrying a bit of an adventurous connotation.

The most popular trek in Peru is the famed Inca Trail, which is likely a road that the ancient Inca used for sacred pilgrimages. Along the route you can view ruins from the once great Incas, who cherished the Sacred Valley for its beauty and resources. Typically, Inca Trail Peru treks last 2 days, 4 days or 7 days. Cusco, the ancient Inca Empire capital, is where people usually head before taking on the Inca Trail, and if you don’t have your plans figured out, there are numerous travel agencies and adventure guides who can help you pick out the right package. Keep in mind that camping along the way on overnight trips is your only option for accommodations, so if you prefer to sleep in a bed, you might try just hiking the last part of the Inca Trail, which can be done in one day. Regardless of where you start, Machu Picchu is the ending point for the trail, so you will always have a most just reward for your efforts.

Another top attraction where Peru treks and adventures are an ideal way to explore, is Colca Canyon, which is just 100 miles from the large and attractive city of Arequipa. Colca Canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, and it is here where people come to witness the Andean condors up close. There are some nice Andean towns along the north and south ridges of Colca Canyon, where you will find hostels and hotels, and you can arrange Peru treks to Colca Canyon at a number of regional tour agencies. North of Lima, in the city of Huaraz, Peru trekking tours in the Cordillera Blanca can be enjoyed. Be advised, however, that the trails in the high mountains here can reach altitudes of over 15,000 feet above sea level, so it’s a good idea to acclimatize yourself a bit if these Peru treks in the mountains are your aim.

If you love hiking, then you will appreciate adding Peru treks in the jungle to your mountain experiences. Many tour companies that offer Andes Mountains treks also offer jungle treks, so you will find that doing both is a lot easier than you might have imagined. Consider as well that the Amazon Jungle basically begins on the descending eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains, and you can experience trekking among snow-covered peaks one day, and the Amazon River the next. Most Peru tours are flexible, allowing you to pick the Peru treks and adventures that best suit your needs. Manu National Park, which is located in southeastern Peru, is among the largest parks on the continent, and within its borders is one of the most diverse biospheres found anywhere on the planet. Peru treks in, or to Manu, usually start in Cusco, where you work your way down from the mountains into the high-elevation cloud forest, and then down into the hot jungle. Transportation is usually split between cars, bikes or planes, depending on the length and make-up of your tour. If you choose a jungle trek in Peru that is part of a tour, which is advised, you will likely stay at jungle lodges some of the nights, with camping an option as well.

Peru trekking is simply one of the best ways to enjoy your time in this fascinating land. With so much to see and do, finding trekking tours helps visitors manage their time effectively, and there is nothing quite as valuable as local knowledge when it comes to a country so unique and varied. Peru treks can be challenging or easy, and they are always good for a lifetime of memories. To take Andes Mountain Peru trekking to the next level, you can try your hand at Peru mountain climbing.

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