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Deciding when to take that Peru vacation ultimately depends on the kind of activities you want to include, and the kind of weather you can expect when you get there. Peru is a country of varying landscapes, starting west with its Pacific coast and heading over the Andes Mountains down into the Amazon Jungle. Weather surely plays a role in each region, and as distinct as they are, they can vary considerably within the season. Peru is also a land of many festivals, and with over 3,000 of them, it is likely that you will have the chance to experience at least one. Some of the major festivals in Peru are among the most colorful you will find anywhere, and if find yourself in the middle of one, its sure to make for some lifelong memories. You can relax in Peru, but on your Peru vacation you should also be ready for action, as a different adventure always awaits the curious here. If you take a second to check out some Peru tourist information, you will likely find yourself wanting to know more, and should you decide to plan a Peru vacation, it is something you will thank yourself for the rest of your life.

There are definitely peak seasons for each region of Peru, and in large part, they are dependant on the weather. In terms of climate, Peru has two major seasons. They are the dry season, and the wet season. Together with elevation, they are much more important than summer and winter. It is important to note that in the southern hemisphere, summer and winter are opposite what they are in the northern hemisphere. The dry season in Peru includes the months of May through October, and the rainy season runs from November through April. Generally, the rain falls most in the mountains in January and February, so if you are coming then, you better bring your Gore-tex. Roads can become impassable in the mountains during the rainy season, thus most people who want to visit Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, for instance, choose to do so in the dry season. It is also the ideal time if you want to go mountain climbing. Peak season for Peru travel overall, is from June through August, namely because the Andes Mountains are at their driest and clearest then. While trekking in the Peru mountains can be enjoyed year round, try the Inca Trail in the rainy season, and you are probably in for a much muddier experience. If you visit Machu Picchu during the shoulder months of the June-August peak season, you can experience less tourists and fewer booked hotels.

Peak season can mean a totally different thing if you are talking about Peru’s ocean coast. During what is winter in the north, Peruvians are flocking to the beach for relief from the hot sun. A family vacation Peru itinerary might include relaxing on Peru’s northern coast, and while the northern departments of Tumbes and Piura have beaches that can be enjoyed year round, if its not the months of December through March, then you are probably not going to be swimming or surfing too far south of there. The beaches near Lima are rockin’ December through March, and if you like nightlife, then this is perhaps a good time for your Peru vacation. The rest of the year, much of the coast is covered in a mist known as la garúa, and the beaches are much less alive. The coastal region in Peru is a desert, so while it is fairly cool during the winter, in the summer, it’s not uncommon for it to reach 95 degrees. Overall, the temperature in the highlands does not vary all that much, with a year round average around 70 degrees. The wet season in Peru should not be feared. It is fairly moderate, and thus, you can really enjoy a lot of highland activities during it.

Finally, if you think the ideal thing to do for a tourist in Peru is to delve into the magical Amazon Rainforest, then you will be happy to know that the weather here doesn’t waiver all that much. It rains here all year long, and it is pretty much always hot and humid, so you can expect to deal with that regardless of the month. Generally, December through May is when the jungle experiences its wettest months, but even then, the rain rarely falls for more than a few hours at a time, so if you are planning a Family vacation Peru jungle tour, you can bring the family anytime. Year round daytime temperatures in the jungle usually hover between 85-100 degrees. If you had to pick the best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest, it probably coincides with that of the mountains. From June to September, the mosquitos are fewer, and that can go a long way. Ask some people, however, and the wet season here might be better, due to the higher water levels of jungle rivers like the mighty Amazon. All in all, being a tourist in Peru any time of the year is a great thing, and if you are planning a family vacation Peru adventure, the country can be enjoyed year round. Take the kids to a jungle lodge, and they are sure to never forget it. Stay in a vacation rental in Miraflores, and shop until you drop. And, of course, do what every tourist in Peru pretty much has to do, and find your way to Machu Picchu. Oh, how the list of Peru things to do just goes on and on.

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