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Thanks to the wide web of international Uruguay flights, getting to and from South America’s second-smallest country (larger only than Suriname) has become increasingly easy as it has grown in population among tourists in recent years. International travelers tend to find themselves on Montevideo flights when traveling to Uruguay, and Montevideo, a busy, cosmopolitan, and fun place, is also the country’s capital, so arriving here is handy in more ways than one. For a start, Montevideo flights mean you can spend a day or more in the city, which really is worth a look round. They also mean you get to access Uruguay’s main hub of tourist provisions at the start of your trip: booking hotels and transportation, changing money, and sorting out car rental are all easily done in the space of only an hour or so once you've gotten off your flight.

One of the airlines to Uruguay that run Montevideo flights is Iberia. This Spanish company that runs flights across the globe offers intercontinental routes from Sao Paulo, Asuncion, and Santiago de Chile that arrive in Montevideo. They also offer Uruguay flights from Madrid, which is extremely well-connected to the rest of Europe. Airlines to Uruguay such as Iberia that run long-haul flights to the country tend to stop off in nearby Buenos Aires before making the short hop to Montevideo itself. Another one of the airlines to Uruguay, LAN, plies routes from Australia and New Zealand to Montevideo via Chile, making it easy to reach this part of South America from anywhere in the world.

If you plan to take one of these airlines to Uruguay, the normal list of passenger requirements is in operation. A passport, for example, is absolutely necessary; some tourists will also have to arrange a travel visa. Visa requirements depend on your nationality, so it’s definitely worth checking with your foreign office long before travel, as visas can take some time to come through. Generally speaking, though, Uruguay’s borders are open to most travelers, largely because the country is politically and socially stable relative to other parts of South America: terrorism, drugs, immigration, and emigration are not huge worries.

For budget or cash-conscious travelers, Uruguay flights are available cheaply—you just have to know where to look. Booking ahead is always a good way of securing a cheap flight to Uruguay, while taking advantage of good travel packages can help too. A travel package will typically (though not always) include one or more of the following for a fixed fee: airplane ticket, hotel booking, car rental, sightseeing tours, and further transportation.

Once you’re in Uruguay, there’s not much by way of domestic flights, but that doesn’t matter, given the small size of the country. Buses travel the length and breadth of Uruguay in no time at all, which means there simply isn’t demand for domestic flights within the country. Should you not fancy bus travel, it’s always possible to rent a car and even a driver for that added bit of comfort. In addition, there is a system of ferries that ply routes along the country’s eastern coast. Ferries connect places such as Montevideo, Colonia, Punta Del Este, and the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires, and they are often a pleasure to ride as well.

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