Uruguay Beach Resorts

The Uruguay beach resorts available to travelers run the gamut of possible seashore holiday types. For example, you can enjoy high-glitz, 24/7 culture in one coastal resort in Uruguay before traveling just a few miles along the coast and coming across a perfectly quaint and old-world fishing village type resort that hosts just a few vacationers every night. As ever, research is key to planning a trip to Uruguay beach resorts—you need to figure out what type of vacation you’re looking for and then identify where you’ll find it.

The biggest, most well known, and, many would argue, the best beach resort in Uruguay is Punta del Este, which is situated a few hours drive away from Montevideo, on the country’s Atlantic Coast. (The majority of Uruguay beach resorts are found along this coast, though there are some along the banks of the Rio de la Plata as well.) This is a high-rise and high-luxury town, where South America’s rich and famous life to congregate, especially during the peak season between January and March. The beaches in Punta del Este are as good as any you’ll find in South America, while the nightlife, which features multiple bars and clubs, is just as good.

A slightly more laid-back coastal resort in Uruguay is Punta del Diablo, which is only a short trip from Punta del Este. Up until recently, this was a simple, small fishing village hardly touched by tourists. Today, more and more people are heading here, however, in order to make the most of the town’s excellent beaches and scenic interior. Punta del Diablo consequently exhibits somewhat of a fluid, shifting character: This coastal resort in Uruguay is at once a family favorite, a hippie hangout, and a twentysomething’s getaway.

If you really want to get away from the crowds and enjoy seaside Uruguay, Cabo Polonio may well be the best bet for you. In terms of sheer isolation, this is easily the best beach resort in Uruguay, as no roads lead to the village—you have to take a jeep over miles of sand dunes to access it. Only about 100 people live in the village, but that doesn’t mean there’s a dearth of things to do. With miles upon miles of beautiful beaches inhabited by playful colonies of sea lions, this is easily the best beach resort in Uruguay for nature-lovers. That being said, Cabo Polonio is a little thin in terms of tourist provisions (for instance, there’s no running water and little electricity here), so if you don’t like roughing it, the nearby fishing village of La Paloma might be worth considering, as it offers just that little bit extra by way of creature comforts.

Once you’ve chosen the best beach resort in Uruguay for you, make sure to see whether there are any vacation packages available that include a trip to the resort. These packages typically include things such as car rentals, flights, and hotel booking, thereby taking the stress off your shoulders when it comes to organizing the trip and often allowing you to save some money on logistics, thus freeing up a few extra dollars for shopping, dining, or other pursuits.

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