Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio is a tiny village situated on Uruguay’s Atlantic coast, roughly 80 miles north of Punta del Este. The 100 or so people who live in Cabo Polonio lead a basic life that features no running water or electricity; instead rainwater is collected for drinking, and a small amount of current is produced by a nearby wind turbine. Around them, Mother Nature shines on in her full glory. From the sea lions that grace the beach in Cabo Polonio Uruguay to the horses that run wild over the sandy ground that backs the village, Cabo Polonio proves itself to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime vacation destinations.

The beach in Cabo Polonio Uruguay is probably the town’s main attraction. Not only is it just as beautiful as those on other, more populated beach resorts in Uruguay (no roads lead to Cabo Polonio, which makes it off the beaten track, to say the least), the beach also boasts an ever-present colony of sea lions, who lark and play at the water’s edge before sunning themselves on the large rocks close by. To watch them go about daily life is simply one of Uruguay’s top things to do.

Given the miniscule size of the village, there isn’t a huge amount by way of accommodation options—that being said, what is available proves to be good, clean, comfortable, and happily affordable. Hosteria La Perla, for example, is an oft-recommended Cabo Polonio resort. Cabo Polonio Hostel, meanwhile, is an extremely endearing, ultra-tiny Cabo Polonio resort for backpackers situated right on the edge of the sand.

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