Uruguay Cheap Hotels

Uruguay cheap hotels, like the country's luxury accommodation and beach lodging, come in all shapes and sizes, which is lucky, as Uruguay attracts as many budget-minded travelers as it does high-end vacationers. Over the past decade or so, the country has truly made its mark on the world travel map, thanks largely to its beautiful beaches, its fertile inland plains, and its thriving, cosmopolitan capital city, Montevideo. Whichever demographic of the travel sector you belong to, this is a land of near-limitless joys.

Given the high numbers of backpackers that flock to the country, it should come as little surprise that Uruguay cheap hotels often come in the form of hostels. In many ways, the difference between the two is negligible: Uruguay hostels tend to have just as many facilities as the cheap hotels, and their rooms are normally just as clean and comfortable. The main separating factor, however, is that in hostels you can normally book a dorm bed, which means one bed in a dorm that you share with other people. This is probably the cheapest way to stay in Uruguay, and it's also frequently one of the most fun. Staying with a random group of people means you inevitably meet likeminded travelers and often make friends in the bargain.

Una Noche Mas (pictured) is one of the very best Uruguay hostels in Montevideo. It’s a lively and sociable place, and the owners work hard to ensure everyone under their roof feels safe and happy. The hostel features a terrace where evening barbecues are frequently held, which proves a great way to find travel buddies for your time in the city. Pocitos Hostel, in the engaging barrio of Pocitos, is also on the list of backpacker-recommended Uruguay hostels—it probably helps that Pocitos is right next to Montevideo’s excellent beach!

If you need cheap accommodation in Uruguay Montevideo but don’t want to stay in a hostel, there’s a Holiday Inn in town that offers comfortable and clean lodging at a very friendly price. Facilities here include a casino and a bar, while the hotel also wins plus points for its excellent location, which is less than five minutes' walk from the popular Plaza Independencia.

Being the capital, it makes sense that Uruguay cheap hotels in Montevideo are easy to come by. The same cannot always be said of some of the country’s beach resorts, however, where you really have to search around for a good bargain. Punta del Este is one such example—this is historically the land of the rich and famous, so budget accommodation options are in the minority. Still, they can be found, as long as you’re willing to persevere. The Backpacker de la Barra is a good place to start in your search for cheap accommodation in Uruguay if you're in Punta del Este. It’s a down-to-earth type of place, where the staff are just as friendly as the guests. Other good places to try include the Hostel de Patio and the Manantiales Hostel.

Another popular beach resort, Piriapolis, proves a better bet should you want guaranteed cheap accommodation in Uruguay that’s next to the sea. This is a smaller, quieter place compared to Punta del Este, where B&Bs offer great rooms at extremely affordable rates and there are plenty of lovely beaches that are perfect places to relax.

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