Colonia del Sacramento Hotels

Colonia del Sacramento hotels range from the cheap to the luxurious, which means you should be able to find something here whatever your budget. This lovely city on the Rio de la Plata faces Buenos Aires, making it easy to head to Argentina for the day, and it is the oldest city in Uruguay. Part of Colonia is designated as a World Heritage Site, and the area's beauty and charm keep tourists coming back year after year.

The Sheraton Colonia Golf and Spa (pictured) is probably the most sought-after hotel in Colonia Uruguay. Located a short drive from the town center, it sits right next to the sea, offering rooms and a restaurant that offer beautiful views of the water. Aside from the ardently plush décor, this fantastic example of accommodation in Colonia del Sacramento boasts its very own golf course, state-of-the-art spa facilities, and an excellent three-tier pool—it’s the type of place where Mom, Dad, and the kids are all catered to equally and extensively.

Another of the most popular Colonia del Sacramento Hotels is the Kempenski Colony Park Plaza Hotel. The hotel, which nestles among more than 86,000 square feet of verdant garden, is a healthy lifestyle type of place: The restaurant here offers tasty health-conscious cuisine and there’s a spa that utilizes leading therapeutic technologies, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, and a well-equipped gym. Colonia in general is a laid-back and serene city; stay in this particular hotel in Colonia Uruguay, and you’re guaranteed to find things rejuvenating all hours of the day.

For the budget-minded traveler, meanwhile, there are plenty of cheap Colonia del Sacramento hotels and hostels available. For example, El Viajero B&B rents out clean and cheerful rooms for an extremely reasonable nightly rate. Likewise La Casa De Teresa, whose fun and friendly atmosphere makes it an abiding favorite for backpackers looking for a welcoming hotel in Colonia Uruguay.

Aside from the nightly rate, you should bear in mind the location of your accommodation in Colonia del Sacramento when choosing where you will stay. Generally speaking, Colonia is a quiet sort of place, though the ambience is very different in the sleepy Old Town than the more modern new neighborhoods that have sprung up of late.

Before booking your accommodation in Colonia del Sacramento, it’s also worth checking to see if any travel packages are available. Travel packages to Uruguay often include flights and accommodation, and they may also include things like car rentals, activity expeditions, and sightseeing tours. The benefit of such packages is two-fold. First, they sort everything out for you, meaning you don’t have to feel the stress of vacation arrangements before leaving your home. Second, they often represent quite a saving compared with booking everything separately.

Whether you’re on a travel package or planning your own vacation, Colonia del Sacramento is one of those places that you’ll probably want to combine with trips to other towns in Uruguay while on vacation. While a great percentage of tourists to Uruguay head to Colonia del Sacramento, few only visit here while on their break. Montevideo and Buenos Aires, two fully modern and thriving capitals, are only short bus rides away, while the beach resorts of Punta del Este and Piriapolis are similarly reachable. Consequently, trips to Colonia del Sacramento are best planned as part of a longer tour that can fully take in Uruguay’s palpable splendor.

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