La Paloma Uruguay

The small fishing village of La Paloma Uruguay is rightly a favorite among travelers wanting to experience the coastal areas of rural Uruguay without having to battle hundreds of other tourists. As with Cabo Polonio, La Paloma Uruguay is incredibly scenic and attractive without being heavily marked on the tourist map. It is, then, a perfect place for relaxing beach-dwelling trips to this part of South America.

The village itself has long been dedicated to fishing, with trawlers launching off to sea on a daily basis from the small port here. Consequently, fishing trips can be arranged from a resort in La Paloma Uruguay, and they prove an abiding favorite among vacationers to the area. The town’s main attraction, however, has to be its beaches, which, while ranging from the spacious to the miniscule, manage to be both uniformly quiet and jaw-droppingly beautiful.

As these beaches border the Atlantic Ocean, learning to surf in La Paloma Uruguay is a popular thing to do while staying here. As any resort in La Paloma Uruguay will attest to, the surfing here is the best in the country. Surf schools are easy to find and professional, while as equipment hire is equally straightforward to arrange. All in all, then, the chance to surf in La Paloma Uruguay an absolute must while staying here.

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