Uruguay Luxury Hotels

Uruguay luxury hotels are easy to come by, a fact that reflects the nation’s general prosperity. Uruguay is one of South America’s more stable, affluent countries, and its inhabitants enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life—Montevideo’s index is the highest of any city in the continent. Thus for luxury travelers, Uruguay is a haven. The infrastructure here is excellent, as is Uruguay luxury accommodation, whether it come in the form of rural estancias or beach resort chains.

The Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel is probably the most famous and renowned five star hotel in Uruguay. This marvelous establishment is situated right on Plaza Independencia, at the beating, high-rise heart of Montevideo. The plaza heralds some of Uruguay’s top things to see, such as the mausoleum of Jose Artigas, the grand Palacio Salvo, and the historic Teatro Solis. But the Radisson itself has almost of many things to keep you occupied, such as its casino, for example, where the city’s elite chance their arm. Another abiding favorite among frequent visitors to this stylish example of Uruguay luxury hotels is its 25th-floor restaurant, which offers amazing views and equally amazing gourmet cuisine—always a winning combination.

Away from Montevideo, Uruguay luxury accommodation is either found out among the country’s agricultural hinterland or in one of the few beach resorts that dot its shoreline. Estancia El Charabon (pictured) is an example of high-class lodging found in the country’s interior. A working ranch, it’s also a homely and welcoming place where you can ride horses and lounge around the pool by day, before kicking back and enjoying the hotel’s exceptional barbecued food—and, of course, a glass or two of Uruguayan wine—by night.

The Mantra Punta del Este Resort, meanwhile, is a beachside five star hotel in Uruguay. Punta del Este is Uruguay’s most elite beach resort, and the Mantra is often considered the jewel in its already glittering crown. Facilities here include rooms with sea-view terraces, a superb a la carte restaurant, a boutique casino, and an extensive health spa. Other Uruguay luxury hotels that offer beach views can be found in the resort areas of Piriapolis and Punta del Diablo. Piriapolis is a smaller, scenic, and ever-tranquil antidote to Punta del Este’s round-the-clock lifestyle, while Punta Del Diablo is increasingly becoming known as the new party kid on the block and boasts its own share of Uruguay luxury accommodation.

There’s one five star hotel in Uruguay that effectively combines both types of high-end rural lodging. It’s called the Four Seasons Resort Carmelo. Carmelo is a small town about three hours drive from Buenos Aires, it’s set in the rural countryside, but it can also boast of sea views as it banks the wide Rio de la Plata, a river that is lined with beautiful beaches. The Carmelo consequently offers surroundings of rolling fertile plains and sandy inviting beaches—not a bad combination, as most travelers would agree. Life here is suitably laid-back, with people either basking around the hotel’s pool, enjoying its ever-luxurious interiors, or out on the golf course that borders the hotel grounds.

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