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The range of Montevideo hotels on offer in Uruguay’s thriving capital is extensive. You’ll find everything here, from luxury Montevideo accommodation to budget-conscious, friendly hostels. Montevideo has long been Uruguay’s most visited destination, and even if you don’t intend to stay in the capital, most flights to Uruguay arrive here, which means these hotels all have time-honored experience in putting up international travelers. As a result, few who visit have any grumbles: Whether here on business or pleasure, Montevideo accommodation is well-suited to ensuring you enjoy the city to its fullest.

For luxury travelers, the Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel (pictured) is considered the place to be seen while in Montevideo. Situated right next to Plaza Independencia, where many of the city’s tourist sights are found, the hotel is an immense, high-rise institution that features fantastically well-equipped rooms, an indoor pool, and a spa treatment center. The real selling point of this stellar example of Montevideo accommodation, however, is the 25th-floor restaurant, which offers panoramic views out over what seems like the entirety of the city. Enjoy a morning coffee, lazy lunch, or al la carte dinner here—you really will feel as though you are on top of the world.

The NH Columbia Hotel is another good option for high-end travelers looking for swanky Montevideo hotels. The NH is located on the Rambla, a street that runs the full ten or more miles of Montevideo’s coastline. Rooms here have views of the Rambla, where people take strolls at all hours of the day, of the beach, and, of course, of the sea. Other selling points include a frankly mammoth breakfast and free hotel-wide wireless internet.

If it’s a cheap hotel in Montevideo you’re looking for, meanwhile, you could do much worse than booking a stay at the Holiday Inn Montevideo. Holiday Inn is a massive worldwide chain of hotels, which means you’re pretty much guaranteed good service and cleanliness when staying here. Facilities are extensive, including an indoor pool, a casino, a cocktail bar, and complimentary internet access. For a cheap hotel in Montevideo, the Holiday Inn is also located supremely well, right next to Plaza Independencia.

For budget travelers looking for the cheapest Montevideo accommodation, hostelling is probably the way to go. A popular misconception has it that hostels are dirty, unwelcoming places, when in fact they often present the most social and vibrant accommodation in town. Hostels have undergone a huge regeneration over the past decade or so, and hordes of backpackers young and old now stay in them as a matter of principle.

Una Noche Mas is one of Montevideo’s most talked about places. This clean and lively cheap hotel in Montevideo offers a homely atmosphere, a maid service, and evening barbecues on a scenic terrace. The Palacio Hotel and Pocitos Hostel are other good hostels to try. Spend a day or so milling about these places, and you’re sure to find other happy-go-lucky travelers with whom to explore Montevideo’s attractions, such as the Ciudad Vieja, the Rambla, and the beautiful beaches.

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