Piriapolis Hotels

In many ways, Piriapolis hotels reflect the town in which they are located. Unlike more lively areas such as Punta del Este, Piriapolis is a Uruguayan beach resort that takes life easy. This is a chilled-out, picturesque, and quiet beachside town, and fittingly, Piriapolis accommodation is similarly welcoming, whether it belongs to the luxury or the budget end of the scale.

Beginning with luxury Piriapolis hotels, the Hotel Argentino is a much-touted favorite among high-earning vacationers here. Built back in 1930, it’s a Belle Epoque-style mansion located right on the Piriapolis beachfront. Facilities here include 300 rooms, 56 suites, tennis and football courts, a lavish casino, saltwater pools, and an extensive thermal spa. They also include an excellent Children’s Club, where kids of all ages are entertained throughout the day. The hotel is consequently a favorite for all the family, and it boasts of a high return visitor rate as a result—once you’ve stayed here, it’s extremely hard to think of taking a trip to this South American destination without booking at least a night in the Hotel Argentino. A cheap hotel in Piriapolis it is not, but this is definitely the place to stay if you want to experience the town in style.

Another good option in terms of luxury Piriapolis hotels is the Bellavista Hosteria Bungalows (pictured). This is a little less ostentatious than the Argentino Hotel Casino and Resort, but it’s no less exclusive. Bungalows here occupy their own plot of land not 100 feet from the beach. They are scenic and peaceful places, perfect for families on vacation: Each bungalow comes with a kitchen, a living-dining room, a television, and either two, four, or six bedrooms. Swimming pools, tennis courts, and a restaurant are all on the hotel’s list of facilities.

Most Piriapolis accommodation is in the mid-range sector. The Terrazas del Puerto, for example, offers extremely comfortable surroundings, beach-view terraces, well-fitted and clean bedrooms, and a location that’s within a five-minute walk of the town center for an extremely reasonable price. Likewise, the Laderas de Cerro, which is set further inland, among Piriapolis’ rolling hillside is also a good bargain. This beautiful place features wooden cabins, a swimming pool, and a restaurant, and the nightly rate confirms it as a great cheap hotel in Piriapolis given what you get for your money.

If budget travel is your thing, a great cheap hotel in Piriapolis is the HI establishment. HI stands for Hostelling International, which is a group that runs good, clean, budget-conscious lodging around the world. Its Piriapolis accommodation is no exception. Stay here and you’re guaranteed a sociable and fun environment, which is perfect if you happen to be in town alone and in need of a buddy with whom to explore the surroundings.

Piriapolis and its accommodation are easily accessible thanks to the number of buses that shuttle between Montevideo, here, and Punta del Este. If you don’t fancy the bumpy ride, renting a car is always a possibility, though it’s probably worth keeping in mind the fact that Piriapolis is a small place that’s easily navigated on foot, so dealing with your own vehicle may be more trouble than it's worth.

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