Punta del Diablo Uruguay

Punta del Diablo is widely tapped to become Uruguay’s next big beach resort destination. As it stands currently, this is a small and quiet fishing village that gives access to a series of mesmerizing sandy beaches. Life in Punta del Diablo evolves and revolves around these beaches, though the village also has a lot to offer by way of charming buildings and inviting coffee shops. Increasingly, however, these are making way for modern, large scale tourists resorts, which means on one hand that tourist facilities in town are definitely improving, and on the other, now is the time to stay here, before the whole place becomes as crowded as its more famous sibling, Punta del Este.

In accommodation terms, you’ll find everything from beach huts and hostels to options for a large-scale resort in Punta del Diablo—you just won’t find too many of each type yet. If you’re able to secure a beach hut for your visit, you’re certainly in for a treat. Located right on the edge of the Punta del Diablo beach, they provide magnificent accommodation to those looking for easy days spent chilling out under the sun. For travelers who like to stay in style, Punta del Diablo beach huts probably aren’t the best option however. These travelers will be better suited to booking a resort in Punta del Diablo Uruguay, which will come with far more creature comforts than the huts. Accessing Punta del Diablo is easy thanks to its relative proximity to the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo and to Punta del Este. Regular bus services run to and from both destinations.

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