Punta del Este Uruguay

Punta del Este Uruguay is often termed the Monaco of South America—and quite rightly. A glitzy beach resort that features high-rise apartments and hotels, casinos, yachts, beaches, and beautiful people, this is simply the place to vacation if you want to be part of Uruguay’s elite.

Life here is as easy as it is glamorous. Most vacationers make the most of the peninsula’s beaches, which are undoubtedly some of the best beaches in Uruguay, and spend happy days lounging around under the sun with a book in one hand and a mug of mate tea (or something stronger) in the other. There are several beaches to choose from, each as good as the next. The Playa Mansa and the Playa Braca straddle the spit of land Punta del Este Uruguay is located on, with the former offering slightly gentler sea conditions than the latter. Then there’s Las Delicias and Pinares, two serenely beautiful and beautifully serene beaches toward the east. Out west, meanwhile, you’ll find Bikini and La Barra which are the rich and famous visitors' most treasured beaches in Uruguay. If you want to see models, film stars, and the like hanging out on beaches in Uruguay, this is the place to be.

As you’d expect from a premier resort town, each Punta del Este beach is bordered by a line of restaurants and bars, many of which are happy to serve food and drink to you as you sunbathe. Water sports are also widely provided for, with surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and canoeing all being extremely popular pastimes. Back on dry land, tennis courts are ubiquitous—any self-respecting hotel in Punta del Este Uruguay has one. Golf is also easily arranged should you want to hit the greens, and chartered fishing trips are also a possibility.

Possible day excursions from Punta del Este in Uruguay include a trip to a nearby island, which is far less developed than the township, and Casa Pueblo, a smaller resort town designed almost entirely by Paez-Vilario, a surrealist artist-cum-architect. A boat shuttles visitors to the island, while you’ll have to either take a bus or a taxi to get to Casa Pueblo.

Once the sun goes down, Punta del Este really comes to life. Some of Uruguay’s very best bars and clubs are to be found here, and the hedonism consequently lasts long into the night. If you are looking for a late-night kind of vacation, it’s worth looking into the location you want to stay in, as getting back from the clubs to your hotel in Punta del Este can be no fun at all during the early (or late) hours of the morning. On the plus side, taxis are widely available—you just have to be prepared for your wallet to take the hit.

Getting around Punta del Este in general is simple, as most people choose to spend their days and evenings out within the vicinity of their hotel in Punta Del Este, which will, by nature, be within a stone’s throw of the beach and a lot of eating and drinking places. Walking is therefore the preferred mode of transport. Should you wish to explore further out, car rentals are an excellent option as the bus system is not the most dependable in the country.

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