Uruguay Vacation Packages

Uruguay vacation packages offer two large benefits. First, they allow you to make multiple reservations by making only one—you book the Uruguay travel package through a travel company, and they then book anything from hotel and flight reservations to car rentals and sightseeing tours for you. Second, they often present quite a saving, as by paying only one flat fee, you save yourself multiple reservation fees and often get cheaper rates. Vacation deals to Uruguay (and, for that matter, most destinations in the world) are consequently very popular. You will still, however, need to research roughly what type of vacation you want and therefore what type of deal will be the one for you.

At their simplest, Uruguay vacation packages will likely include an airline ticket and a hotel reservation for Montevideo. International flights to the country land in an airport on the outskirts of the city, so the demand for Montevideo hotels is high. By taking advantage of a Uruguay travel package, you bypass the hassle of researching a hotel yourself. You may also be able to make the most of an airport pickup, as these can be included in the package—as ever, though, check the details of the deal before handing over money.

Once in Montevideo, there’s a wealth of things to see and do, and again vacation deals to Uruguay may come in handy. Montevideo is a large, busy city, and if you don't care to navigate its attractions by yourself, a tour is probably the best way to do things. These tours are included in some Uruguay vacation packages, which means you can assure yourself of the possibility of seeing the city’s sights without having to painstakingly arrange individual trips. Attractions here include the Plaza Independencia, the Ciudad Vieja, and the extensive beach promenade.

Once you plan to see more of the country than just Montevideo, vacation deals to Uruguay start becoming even more useful; for instance, if you need to fly to the country, stay a night in Montevideo, and then spend four nights touring the homey estancias (working ranches) that dot Uruguay’s agricultural land. By booking the correct Uruguay travel package, the travel company will take care of all logistics, including airport pickup and transportation around the estancias. Again, it makes vacationing blissfully easy.

Another of the most popular Uruguay travel packages available takes you around the country’s wonderful beach resorts. There are many large and small villages spaced out along Uruguay’s eastern shoreline. Punta del Este is the most famous example and the preferred holiday choice for Uruguay’s elite, while other destinations, such as Punta del Diablo and La Paloma, are increasingly earning themselves a name in the travel community for providing wonderful tranquil beach breaks. A great travel package can be to tour each of these spots, perhaps heading from rambunctious Punta del Este to positively peaceful La Paloma.

If you hunt around enough, it’s quite possible to find an all-inclusive Uruguay travel package that arranges absolutely everything for a one off fee. Such a deal could include trips to the city, to the beach, and to the estancias, thereby allowing you to get a fully realized snapshot of Uruguay without the pain of having to organize it all in the first place—a perfect combination.

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