Venezuela is home in South America and is one of diverse landscapes, magnificent scenery, and unique activities to enjoy during your vacation. Venezuela vacations give visitors the chance for adventures and to see sights that are exclusive to Venezuela. Once you decide on Venezuela as your travel destination you will be amazed at all that is in store for you from the Caribbean coastline to the Andean peaks and all that is found in between will be at your feet.

Tourist attractions in Venezuela are just as numerous as the breath taking scenery. From the capital of Caracas to the various National Parks, Venezuela, vacations can be as laid back and relaxed or as fast and exciting as you desire. You can visit such tourist attractions as the largest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, visit a region where lightening strikes just about constantly without any thunder at Lake Maracaibo, or visit the Hipódromo La Rinconada and watch the thoroughbred races in Caracas.

Arechipielago Los Roques is a group of over 300 islands, just a bit north of Caracas. The entire island is a national park that offers both relaxing and exciting vacations. For those that love to relax you will enjoy the beach and the warm tropical breezes, on the other hand for excitement you will have to go scuba diving or snorkeling.

The Parque Nacional Henri Pittier is Venezuela"s oldest national park all kinds of fun activities everyone will enjoy. Whether you enjoy relaxing on the coastline or hiking through the various trails, you are sure to find something that will bring a smile to your face.

Parque Nacional Mochima is a beautiful national park in the Caribbean Sea. The islands offer a quiet romantic getaway or exceptional diving opportunities. On the other hand, visitors enjoy the moutainous terrain with breath taking views of the many bays, coral reefs, and sandy beaches.

The best time to travel to Venezuela is really according to what you might wish to do while on your Venezuela vacations. Travelers visit Venezuela year round so no time is really a bad time to visit; however, there is a rainy season and a dry season to consider. If you love viewing watefalls at their peak performance, the you will want to visit Venezuela during the rainy season, on the other hand, if you prefer hiking then the dry season may be the best time.

The majority of guests that travel to Venezuela during the dry season enjoy lounging around the beach or hiking at one of the 40 national parks that dot the countryside such as the Parque Nacional El Avila. This is one of the tourist attractions in Venezuela that offers several trails and many camping areas for those that wish to get back to nature while the Venezuelan Andes beckons mountain climbing on the snow capped peaks. The Andes is a vast area offering many outdoor activities from moutain climbing to camping, from paragliding to birdwatching. A adventurous Venezuela vacation in the Andes can include so much for the adventurous soul including hiking through the various trails, mountain biking, visiting a live volcano, skiing, or rafting through the rainforest. Venezuela not only has wonderful outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy but there are numerous tourist attractions in Venezuela including museums such as the Jesus Soto Museum of Modern Art located in Caracas. The museum is home to rare pieces of artwork by the creator of the museum, Jesus Soto along with other local artists blending history with modern art in a magical transition.

Venezuela is a magical country with a diverse culture and spectacular countryside for visitors to enjoy year round. When you think of paradise in any fashion, you must be thinking of Venezuela.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls

The Angel Falls Venezuela may be one of the most popular tourist attract...

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