Angel Falls

The Angel Falls Venezuela may be one of the most popular tourist attractions of nature lovers in all the world. The Angel Falls is the largest waterfall in the world with a free falling drop of 3,212 feet home in the Canaima National Park in the region of Bolivar State a remote area.

Of course with all wonders of the world you will hear a variety of tales of their discover and Angel Falls is no different. One tale is that Sir Walter Raleigh was the first to discover this magnificent waterfall, however, other names have also been mentioned when discussing their discover which are Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz a Venezuelan explorer in 1912 and James Crawford Angel an American aviator in 1933. The falls received their name when James Angel along with his wife and three other guests tried to land a small plane near the falls. The plane did land; however, the wheels sank into the swamp ground and could not take flight. No one was injured during the landing, and in honor of the man that publicized the find of the largest waterfall in the world took on his name, which we all know today as Angel Falls.

The best time to visit Angel Falls South America is during the peak rainy season, which is June to October. At this time, the water flow is magnificent and of course, more breath taking than if you visit during the dry season from January to April when Angel Falls Venezuela may only trickle.

Angel Falls tours offer three different ways in which to see this spectacular natural beauty, which is by boat, by plane, and by hiking. You can find Angel Falls tours that will take you by boat for a camping trip over 2 to 4 days or a shorter trip that will take you by motorized dugout canoe up the river. The longer camping Angel Falls tours have guests spending the night in hammock camps. By air, you will be taken by small commercial planes above and in front of the Angel Falls, which gives you a glorious view of the falls.

Angel Falls South America is not as easy to reach as you might imagine, so be ready for a trek. The Angel Falls are in a remote area of Venezuela with the closest camping area at Canaima about 30 miles from the falls. From here, the best way to reach the Angel Falls is by traveling up the river with an Angel Falls tour.

Hiking tours are also very popular that takes visitors through the jungle, the canyons, and the grasslands that most visitors do not see with other tours. This allows guests to explore more of the Canaima National Park than just the Angel Falls South America.

The choice is yours as to what way in which you wish to see the Angel Falls, whether you take an easy fly by flight or a long hiking tour through the jungle.

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