Caracas Venezuela

Caracas Venezuela is the capital of this South American country and the largest city that offers many things to see and do for the adventurer or for a family vacation. Caracas travel is great all year round as the rainy season doesn’t affect the the fun activities and events that are home in Caracas Venezuela. The average temperatures year round are around 75 degrees Fahrenheit so it is perfect for all types of outdoor adventures.

The El Avila National Park is a great place for outdoor activities. Hiking and camping are two of the favorite things to do in the national park with an awesome view of Caracas below. The beauty of vegetation along with the preservation of the area make this a spectacular place to visit.

A Caracas vacation invites you to embrace a city that is a bit hectic with modern facilities dotted by poor shanty style homes on the outskirts of the town and among the hills. The hills are home to many poor families which create a gloomy atmosphere, however, the city itself is a modern one with diverse residents. Caracas tourism offers a wide array of activities such as rock climbing at the Parque de Recreacion Cuevas del Indio or a trip to the Hipodromo La Rinconada for an afternoon watching the horse races.

One Caracas tourism attraction is the El Hatillo which is a rhythmic festival occurring every year in October to November. Jazz band, classical music, and contemporary music are heard throughout the festival embracing the culture and atmosphere one might expect in an exciting South American country. The festival is held at the Poliedro de Caracas.

A few of the most popular tourist attractions around Caracas Venezuela include the Casa Natal De Bolivar, the home where Simon Bolivar was born which is now home to a museum offering exhibits of weapons, banners, and uniforms from his time.

Hiking is at the top of activities with Caracas tourism and a trek up Avila mountain is one that will be a joyous adventure. You will take a cable car up to the top of the mountain where you can view all of Caracas Venezuela to the south, and the Caribbean Sea to the north. Not only is this a great place for hikers but you will enjoy the small quaint restaurants while the kids will love the small skating rink.

A Caracas vacation must give your palate a treat as well. You will love the delectable restaurants that offer traditional South American treats. The most popular restaurant in Caracas is the El Granjero del Este where you will enjoy a delectable Venezuelan dish or two. The popular of this unique restaurant is due to its exclusive Venezuelan dishes and the local atmosphere.

Caracas nightlife is one that will have you dancing all night long and enjoying the company of the locals. The most popular salsa club may be what you desire for a touch of Caracas nightlife. If so, then the El Mani Es Asi is the place for you. Locals and visitors both dance until the sun rises to live local bands while enjoying a few drinks.

No matter what you wish to do during your Caracas travel, you will enjoy a wonderful vacation with the beauty and fun that Caracas has to hold.

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