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Travel resources are one of the most helpful things for vacationers, as preparing effectively for travel is paramount to a successful journey. Knowing what you'll need to have accessible can be the difference between success and disaster. In worst case scenarios, you can be turned back at the airport without the right documents, be gauged by ticket prices without an advance booking, or worse yet, fall ill and not have the correct medical coverage. It's no surprise that the many things to plan for before a vacation can be dizzying. A great way to prepare is to list out what you must remember to bring and do. It's one thing to forget your flip flops or bathing suit-items easily bought on the road, but another matter entirely if you haven't got the right vaccinations or visas.

How to Get a Passport
To get a passport, you'll first need to find out the application requirements by your country. Often, the documents required include birth certifications and other proof of residency, citizenship, or landed immigrant status. Gather your documents and head to your local passport office to apply. The application process can take many weeks so be prepared to wait. Most offices have a rush procedure if you need a passport for emergency travel. You will also need your passport to apply for any overseas tourist or working visas.

International Vaccinations
There are many countries that require specific vaccinations to gain entry. These vaccinations are mandatory and you will be refused without them. In other countries, there can be a few to numerous recommended vaccinations to insure your health is in check while you travel. These can be suggested or highly recommended but not mandatory. Local public health agencies aid travelers in making educated decisions before embarking on a trip. Many health organizations offer a world map showing areas around the world affected by specific diseases and other illnesses. Thorough travel books are another way to find about vaccinations needed or suggested before you travel.

Travel Accommodations
When traveling anywhere in the world-especially top travel destinations-advanced travel accommodations are a smart idea. Even if you travel spontaneously, booking accommodation for your first night is a great idea. If traveling in peak seasons or official holidays, arranging accommodation ahead of time is imperative. The key is to know where you can get away with finding a hotel on a whim, and where you shouldn't chance it. If unsure, it's always better to have a reservation and cancel it, than not have one at all.

Hostels offer a way to save significantly on accommodation, meet like-minded people, and often stay in prime locations. Though popular with young crowds in the past, more people of all ages are enjoying the advantages of staying in hostels. Many hostels around the world even offer a large variety of rooms such as privates, doubles, quads, and classic dorms. Some hostels offer private rooms that are just like, if not more adequate, than a hotel room. Many hostels are very popular so advanced reservations are often required to secure a room.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is one travel element you don't want to skimp on. Though the chances of falling ill can be slim, buying travel insurance is wise. Having the appropriate medical coverage is key. In some countries your own medical insurance might be sufficient, where in other cases you need specific insurance for hospital stays and treatment. In most cases travel insurance is very affordable and can be purchased to best suit your travel plans. Insurance can also cover lost valuables and other emergency services. If you travel often, annual travel insurance can be ideal.

Travel Airfare
There is an enormous choice out there in travel airfare. Researching a large variety of airlines is a good way to get the best rates available. Traveling outside of a peak tourist season is another way to get the best rates. Also, flying outside of busy periods, such as weekends, offers more choice for cheaper flights. Pay strict attention to airline regulations and avoid setbacks while traveling. Watch for deals and discounts offered by travel agents, newspapers, and the internet.

Airline Regulations
Airline regulations are becoming more strict. What you can and can't pack, both in checked bags and carry-ons, has changed significantly. Security measures are often updated. Always find out what regulations you must abide by to avoid any delays. With tighter security rules and baggage allowance, reading about airline regulations can save a lot of money and time.

Car Rental
Renting a car can offer many advantages. Some places are ideal for car rentals while other destinations are best explored by local transportation. When renting a car, check with your own auto insurance company and major credit cards to see if your car rental insurance is covered to avoid unnecessary expenses. During high tourist seasons, plan well ahead to insure you have a car upon your arrival. Planning in advance can also mean securing a very cheap car rental.


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