Annual Travel Insurance

There's a saying that says: “If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel.” However, these days getting a policy couldn't be easier - often it's just a matter of going online and finding the best rates. You can get a policy for all kinds of different timetables, from just a couple days to a handful of months. But if you take numerous trips a year, you can save money by getting an annual travel insurance deal.

When you're away from home, health risks should be the least of your worries. That's where annual travel insurance comes in - it's just one less thing for you to have to concern yourself with, especially if you are overseas. Luckily, there are many companies that offer all kinds of cheap annual travel insurance options, from high profile providers, like AIG, all the way down to smaller, equally trustworthy providers.

The most powerful and effective way to find cheap annual travel insurance is to go online. Here, you'll find all kinds of websites that compare prices and coverage options for hundreds of different providers. The continued popularity of travel means that there are more options than ever before. While some may prefer to get their policies through a trusted travel agent, there are always fees for this service, which can really add up when you are arranging a trip. Just a few minutes online can save you hundreds of dollars, which you would undoubtedly rather spend on your vacation, anyway.

These deals are especially nice of you are traveling with your family. Annual family travel insurance is by far the most cost effective way to keep your loved ones safe, with the added benefit that the more you travel, the more you can save - now you can be fully covered no matter when and where you go. Annual family travel insurance policies can be stretched to include all sorts of different types: unmarried parents are fine, as are single parents, and no matter how many dependants you are taking with you, they each will be covered. Annual family travel insurance will also cover any children in full-time education all the way up to the age of 22 or 23, depending on the provider.

Destination, number of dependants, and the usual insurance variables will influence the price of your policy. Obviously, a European vacation will be a little cheaper than if you are going to Saudi Arabia, but annual travel insurance can often mitigate these differences.

Getting cheap annual travel insurance isn't the only goal, though. You have to make sure you catalog what is and isn't covered. Common exclusions include: pre-existing conditions, pregnancy and childbirth-related issues, psychological illnesses and any damage or loss of cash and credit cards. As always, make sure you read the fine print carefully before agreeing to a policy.

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