Australia SIM Card

Buying an Australia SIM card is a good decision if you're looking to save money on your vacation, as you won't have to pay international rates or fees for using your own cell phone on an international trip.

For this card to work, you'll need an unlocked GSM 900/1800 compatible international cell phone. If your phone isn't unlocked, this can usually be done for a fee; you can also use international cell phone rentals if you prefer.

Featured product:
Lebara Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

  • Local Australian phone number
  • Unlimited free incoming calls
  • Prepaid card has 2 hours of outgoing call credit
  • $0.62 per minute for both domestic Australian calls and international calls
  • Voicemail and text messaging services

In order to find the best prices and easy delivery, we recommend buying
Australia SIM cards on

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