How to Use Calling Cards

Prepaid calling cards are indispensible when you're traveling somewhere that lacks internet or cell service, or you don't want to carry a phone.

The best place to buy prepaid calling cards is, which has the best prices. Find cards for different countries in the search box below.

Calling cards can be an invaluable tool when traveling, especially in remote areas that do not have access to the Internet or a wi-fi station to make Internet phone calls. Aside from being able to use them wherever you are, the advantages of having a prepaid calling card are numerous.

Most metropolitan centers have groceries, tourist shops, and convenience stores, all of which are places that you can buy a calling card at. These rates vary widely from country to country, so it is important before traveling to become familiar with various types of calling cards, so that you know the best rate to look for on long distance cards.

How do I use international calling cards?

While most calling cards are similar, some are slightly different depending on the one you buy, but you generally follow the same steps:

1.) Purchase your prepaid calling cards, online or in person. On this card will be a certain amount of minutes based on the per-minutes rate that you paid when you purchased it.

2.) The access number will usually be printed on the calling cards. It is usually a toll-free number but there may be local access numbers as well.

3.) Your PIN number gives you access to begin using the minutes on the calling cards.

4.) The last step is to dial the number you are trying to reach as if you were on a regular phone

Once your call is connected, the credit, or number of minutes that you have will begin to decline. Since you are don't have to pay for the international connection, all you have to pay for is the local connection. If you have called a local access number, then you pay nothing. You are saving between 70 and 90% compared to what you would be charged if you weren't using calling cards. You can do this research online before your trip, as well as purchase prepaid calling cards online if you have enough time before your trip. Cheap calling cards are another great way to save even more on your phone calls.

Some of the biggest companies that have international calling cards are:

Cellular International
This service never expires and there is no hidden fees. Just pay the rate and that is it.

You can buy prepaid calling cards online based on the country you want to call. The rates are very good and can be purchased in 10, 25, 50 and $100 increments.

Cent Calls
This company has really low rates, like the 1-cent per minute domestic calling card. The rates on their international calling cards are excellent as well.

If you are going to a remote area you might find that having one at all, especially if you buy it beforehand so that it is there when you need it, to be an invaluable resource. While some parts of the world may not sell international calling cards, most destinations are within reach of a phone, so you can connect as long as you have your long distance card with you.

One way to avoid loss of your phone card as well as fraudulent activity is to purchase the prepaid calling cards online. You purchase these over the Internet and don't need to have the actual card. Up on receipt of payment, you are given your pin # and a calling card number with a set number of minutes based upon your payment.

Travelers and visitors to other countries need to stay in touch, for their own personal reasons and sometimes for safety or emergency situations. Lonely and lost, a tourist in a new place has only to reach for their international calling card to instantly be connected to the person of their choice. Using prepaid calling cards is a sensible decision to make, and should be an accessory that every traveler has.

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