Child Passport

Recently, many of the rules regarding the travel of minors and young children under the age of 14 have changed. In the past, children did not always need to have their own passport. According to recent changes in the US passport law, all child need a passport when traveling. Any child needs a passport of their own in order to travel abroad to any country outside the United Sates. Even for travel to Canada, minors will need a Canadian passport application child.

Minors between the ages of 14 and 17 will need to apply for their passport in person. Although parental consent is not required for children ages 14 to 17, it may be asked for, so it is a good idea to accompany a minor when applying for a passport. Children of this age will also need to present their own identification, including picture identification. If the minor does not have their own identification, the parent may provide identification and proof of their relation.

Separate rules exist for minors under age 14, and minors between the ages of 14 and 17. Minors under age 14 will need to have all of the same documentation required for an adult passport. To get your child passport, you will need to meet US passport requirements. In addition to being a US citizen, you will be required to show documentation of your citizenship. Acceptable documentation includes a birth certificate or naturalization papers for the child. If you don't have these, in order to meet US passport requirements you will need to bring a Letter of No Record to the US passport office, which can only be issued by the State.

Minors of every age will also need their own passport photo in order to get a child passport for travel. The photo has to be 2x2 inches in size, and must be a full front photo of the child's face against a white background. Even newborns and infants will need their own passport, and as such will need their own passport photo. Passport photos can be taken at many photo shops, copy shops, and travel agencies that specialize in travel services.

Along with proof of citizenship, minors will also need to provide proof of relationship to the parent or legal guardian who will be signing their passport. Documentation that will be accepted for proof of relationship includes a US birth certificate that shows the parents' names, a certified foreign birth certificate if you were not born in the US, adoption decree, or any kind of court order establishing custody or guardianship. Parents or legal guardians will also be required to bring proof of their identification, which must be picture ID. If you don't have picture ID, bring signature documents as well as a US citizen who has known you for at least two years who can vouch for you and the child.

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