Fodors Travel Guides

Fodor’s guides are known for their practical advice and yearly updates, and they're also popular for their range of well-focused and specific guidebooks.

The best source for buying Fodor's guides is Fodors Travel Guide Books

Fodors Travel Guide Books

Fodors Travel Guides are among the recognized classic names when it comes to travel planning, and for decades travelers have trusted the writers of these guidebooks for quality information that will enhance a vacation. The same is true today, as Fodors Guides have evolved over time. With apps for smartphones as well as downloadable guides, Fodors has embraced technology and grown with its customers. The goal is still the same however, to help people plan their trips with quality, up-to-date information. This dependable guidebook company consistently brings readers back wanting more.

Many travelers love Fodors travel guides because they take many forms. While of course you can find destination specific guides, such as an entire book on Hawaii, Fodors also offers specialty guides. Whether you’re interested in European cruises, traveling with kids, or suggestions for packing smart, there are Fodor guides that cover these topics. Fodors is one of the travel series that has realized there is more to travel than just destinations. These guides help you to plan a trip with information based on hobbies, a region, or a type of vacation.

While specialty guides continue to draw readers, the classic is the single destination guidebook. Fodors travel guides are printed in annual editions and updated with the latest information. They offer restaurants and hotels in a variety of price ranges, as well as detailed overviews about attractions and history. While many travelers love the attractive covers and feel of a guidebook in their hands, others have been converted to the downloadable PDF e-books that Fodors now offers. These are easily searchable and will help you to reach your goal to pack lightly. You can make electronic bookmarks as well to easily refer back to something you have read.

Some travelers like the idea of sticking with a specific guidebook series. Instead of switching between Frommer's, Lonely Planet, and Eyewitness Guides, sticking with Fodors Guides means that you will be familiar with the format and know how and where to find specific information. There are guides for destinations around the globe, including North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, as well as specialty guides and regional guides. Fodors also has an excellent web site where you can browse their titles and find out which titles are most popular with readers.

Whether you’re looking for new ideas for warm-weather getaways or you want to plan a trip that will thrill your kids, Fodors guides will deliver the information you need to successfully plan a trip. All of the details you need will be in one place, and you can trust that they were researched by local experts. From the latest hot destination to hobby-driven travel, the Fodors authors have thought of it, and published a book on how to enjoy it in the best possible way. If you’re looking for a dependable guidebook series, you can’t go wrong by choosing any of the Fodors titles.

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