Italy SIM Card

Getting an Italy SIM card will make it extremely simple to stay in touch while you're on vacation, as you can travel on a budget and use your own cell phone without paying international roaming charges.

For this card to work, you'll need an unlocked GSM 900/1800 compatible cell phone. The two US carriers who use GSM (T-Mobile and AT&T) are on different frequency bands, so check if your phone will work with that frequency and if it needs to be unlocked, which can usually be done for a fee. If not, cell phone rentals are easily available.

Featured product:
Uno Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

  • Italian cell phone number with service through Uno Mobile
  • Free unlimited incoming calls
  • €10 of initial calling credit and easy recharging
  • Outgoing calls in Italy are about $0.22 per minute
  • Outgoing international calls are about $0.44 per minute
  • Free unlimited voicemail and incoming text messages

In order to find the best prices and easy delivery, we recommend buying
Italy SIM cards on

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