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Let's Go guides are the original student travel guides, focusing on affordability, outdoora activities, and fun at every destination.

The best place to buy Let's Go guides is Amazon.com. Let's Go Guides Italy

Let's Go Guides Italy

Let’s Go guides are among the best-targeted niche travel guides, as the series has the young, budget-savvy travelers wrapped around its finger. These guides have become known for fresh coverage, tips from local experts, and a perspective that helps to deliver authentic culture. For over 50 years Let’s Go travel guides have been helping young travelers to stretch their budget and see more of the world. Whether you’re planning a short weekend away or a full year exploring different regions of the globe, Let’s Go can help you to find the best deals on accommodation, restaurants, and nightlife.

Beyond Let’s Go Guides, the brand has also established itself as a powerful presence on the web. If you love the Let’s Go books, check the website for the latest updates from local experts. Articles and blogs can help to provide travel inspiration or a direction for your next big adventure. Once you’ve settled on a destination, pick up a couple Let’s Go travel guides to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to maximize your vacation time. These guides also have a focus on students traveling abroad, and helping to connect young travelers with ways to earn money while on the road.

If you’re starting to plan your next big excursion, there are many different Let’s Go guides to choose between. Many travelers love the classic Europe guidebook, which provides overviews for a variety of destinations, allowing you to plan a grand tour or a one week trip. This is the type of guidebook that you will refer back to again and again for its valuable information. Students that are planning a trip traveling throughout Europe are often armed with one guidebook: the latest edition of the Let’s Go Europe guidebook.

Beyond these comprehensive books, there are also specific Let’s Go travel guides. Whether you’re looking for information on one country, one city, or even one region (such as Rome, Venice, and Florence) you will find exactly the cocktail of information you desire. Let’s Go continues to add new titles, which you will be able to spot by the “first edition” subtitle, but many are in their tenth edition or more—Great Britain, for example, is in its 33rd edition as of 2011. This means that each year, more information is added and some information is taken out, to provide the best details for travelers today.

Let’s Go isn’t only for international travel either. If you loved your Let’s Go guidebooks when you traveled to Europe or Central America, you will love their city guides for the US too. Whether you’re planning a trip to Boston, New York City, or beyond, you can use your favorite guidebook series. While some guides such as Fodor's or Frommer's are designed for a more middle age audience, Let’s Go has always been distinctly created for students and young budget travelers. Expect recommendations to fulfill the desires of this set, including nightlife, cheap eats, and affordable hostels.

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