Lonely Planet Guides

Lonely Planet started as a backpackers' guidebook, but it's now known for its range of guides including the "On a Shoestring" series.

The best place to buy Lonely Planet guides is Amazon.com. Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet guides have more than 500 titles in print, making them one of the most popular series of travel books ever. Covering destinations in 195 countries and counting, Lonely Planet travel guides are available for all sorts of travelers, whether you like the feel of a traditional guidebook in your hand, or you want to download an e-book on your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone. If you’re looking for travel inspiration and in-depth reporting from a worldwide network of local experts, than the Lonely Planet series might be right for you.

Lonely Planet guides are available in a number of categories. From traditional country guides to region or encounter guides, you will find a Lonely Planet title to match any trip, no matter how big or small. Some of the most popular options are the multi-country guides, which can serve as a great introduction or overview to a region. For example, if you’re planning a big trip to Europe, the latest edition of the Lonely Planet Europe guidebook will come in handy in dozens of countries. Other options include South America on a Shoestring or Southeast Asia on a Shoestring. With an emphasis on affordable travel, these books will help you stick to a budget.

The Lonely Planet travel guides are one of those guidebook series that have developed a group of devoted readers. These readers eagerly anticipate new titles such as The Best in Travel for a given year, or even literary anthologies from travel writers reporting from around the globe. If you crave the basics instead, look for Lonely Planet pocket guides, which provide all the introductory information you need to visit a major city. From Barcelona to New York to Paris, these pocket guides provide all the information you need to find accommodation, affordable restaurants, use public transportation, and see the big attractions.

Beyond traditional guidebooks, Lonely Planet guides also extend to other forms. Many travelers become interested in language while abroad, and Lonely Planet has phrasebooks to help you connect with locals. Whether you want to learn some Latin American Spanish, French, or Italian, Lonely Planet phrasebooks will give you the information travelers need, as opposed to teaching you how to conjugate verbs. These phrasebooks are ideal both for brushing up on a language before you depart, and also keeping handy during your trip when you could use a little help translating menus or asking where the bathroom is located.

Lonely Planet travel guides are one of the series that is focused on budget travelers. Let's Go and Rough Guides are other examples of series that seek to bring helpful information to students, young travelers, and budget travelers. With more than 500 guides to choose from, Lonely Planet will definitely have an up to date guidebook for you, no matter where you’re traveling. For every continent, for every type of trip, there is an appropriate Lonely Planet guide. You can even purchase just chapters of some guides in e-book format instead of entire guides if you’re interested in a single topic or are seeking the most up-to-date information available.

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