Michelin Guides

Michelin guides are known for their high-class focus on all things food and wine, particularly their world-renowned restaurant ratings.

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Michelin Guides USA

Michelin guides are the gold standard among travelers on the hunt for the best cuisine. Since 1900, when the first Michelin guide was published in France, this name has become synonymous with culinary excellence. What began as a classic guide to outstanding restaurants has blossomed to become one of the most respected names in food criticism and travel books. Michelin travel guides will deliver up to date information, as well as their own rating system, about the best restaurants around the globe. Michelin writers have done all the hard work—all you need to do is decide among their recommendations.

Michelin guides have expanded in recent years, and odds are there’s one to your city or country. Foodies have come to depend on the recommendations of the Michelin travel guides, from the city guides such as New York or San Francisco, or the country guides. These comprehensive guides now include restaurant recommendations and ratings for more than 45,000 establishments in 23 countries around the globe. One reason travelers have come to trust Michelin is the fact that all restaurant inspectors are anonymous and restaurants aren’t aware when they are being critiqued.

Michelin guides come out on an annual basis, and have been constantly improving since the first edition more than 100 years ago. Being an inspector for Michelin is a full time job, and reviewing so many restaurants and hotels ensures that only the true best of the best rises to the top. Michelin stars are one rating that chefs sincerely care about. From that coveted first star, to an impressive two stars, to a staggering three stars—restaurants that hold this status are considered some of the best in the world, such as French Laundry in the Napa Valley. Then chefs must continually impress the Michelin inspectors year after year or stars could be taken away if quality isn’t maintained.

Many travelers have favorite guidebooks including Eyewitness guides, Frommer's guides, or Lonely Planet guides. While these all serve their purpose, none of them are as focused on delivering up to date information on restaurants as Michelin travel guides. Each year the premiere of new guides inspires travelers, delights some chefs, and frustrates others. Newspapers have begun to discuss certain cities by how many collective Michelin stars they have attained. This fact alone reveals how far and wide the Michelin critique of restaurants has reached.

Another aspect of the Michelin guides that has gained popularity is their Big Gourmand rating. This is recognition for restaurants that offer exceptional value to customers. This rating reminds travelers that just because you’re planning a trip on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t eat well. Keeping an eye out for Bib Gourmand recipients ensures that you will receive quality cuisine for a good price. If you’re the type of foodie that wants to know exactly what you’re getting into before crossing the threshold of a restaurant, the Michelin guides will provide every detail you could desire to know, in restaurants across the globe. Using the Michelin guide as a source of information for your travels, you might begin to feel like a Michelin inspector yourself!

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