Rough Guides

Rough Guides became famous as budget backpackers' guides and still focus on affordability, but the series now covers multiple price ranges.

The best place to buy Rough Guides is Rough Guide Thailand

Rough Guide Thailand

Rough Guides are a popular option among the wide range of travel guides available. When you’re looking at a bookshelf full of guidebooks, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. One way guidebooks differentiate themselves from the pack is by targeting a certain market of travelers. This is the case with Rough Guides, which target budget travelers, students, and outdoor enthusiasts. With guidebooks, e-books, reference books, and more, Rough Guides has established itself as a series that is here to stay. Whether you’re traveling to a nearby city or a faraway country, Rough Guide travel guides will come in handy.

Beyond updating their existing titles, Rough Guides are also always coming out with new titles. Beyond traditional guidebooks, Rough Guides have also branched out to include phrasebooks for a variety of languages, waterproof maps and downloadable maps, and reference guides as well. Whether you’re looking for an overview of a destination or a more in-depth analysis of history and politics, Rough Guide travel guides will satisfy your desires. Among all of these features, one thing travelers love is the indestructible maps. Whether you get caught in a rainstorm or your map winds up in the ocean, you’ll still be able to get where you’re going.

Some travelers might associate Rough Guides with international travel, but this series includes domestic destinations as well. If you loved your Rough Guides book during a trip to Europe or South America, you are sure to love their approach to American cities such as Miami or New York. These also come in pocket format, which are designed to be carried around easily and will fit right into your pocket. If you’re tired of carrying around a 500-page guidebook where you only use a small percentage of the information, try these pocket guides on an upcoming trip.

Like Lonely Planet and Let's Go, Rough Guide travel guides are designed for independent travelers. This means that while they will always cover the top attractions in a given destination, that they will also provide reliable information on how to get off the beaten path. While travelers of any budget will find helpful information in these guidebooks, in general they are ideal for budget travelers. Lists of affordable hostels and restaurants, with a focus on value for money, makes these guides attractive to budget travelers. In recent years Rough Guides has also branched out and released a number of titles about music.

Another reason travelers love Rough Guides is some of their user-friendly features. Not all guidebooks will include pronunciation help, allowing you to get the local lingo down quickly. If you’re only curious about a destination, the moment you pick up a Rough Guides book, your desire to travel there will go through the roof. These books will arouse your curiosity about a destination, and help you to make the most of your trip when you do get the opportunity to go. The Rough Guides website is another great resource that provides up to date information from local experts reporting from around the globe.

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