Student Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance is more valuable than many young travelers might originally think, and in the preparations of getting your passport in order, finding the perfect guidebook, and finding ways to stay in touch, thinking about insurance often falls by the wayside. While some students head abroad without any concern about insurance, others feel that they can travel worry-free by purchasing even a basic policy. The good news is that thanks to online travel insurance, finding the best deal is easier than ever. Options for international student insurance are affordable and will keep you safe wherever you travel to.

There are excellent deals out there for student travel insurance. Before you dive into researching the various deals, it is best to figure out what type of coverage you already have. Many students have health insurance plans through their university or their parents. Take the time to read through this policy to figure out what you are entitled to. Some policies cover medical attention while abroad, and others do not. Some policies include lost baggage insurance, while others don’t cover anything to do with travel. Also look at offers from your student credit cards; these companies might have deals for luggage insurance.

Once you know what you have, researching international student insurance will be that much easier. Many parents feel safer sending their kids abroad knowing that they are covered in case of an emergency, natural disaster, trip cancellation, or medical emergency. You will want to look for a plan that includes hospital stays, baggage delays, passport protection, medical expenses, and accidental death. One great program is offered by STA Travel, providing all of these criteria and more to students traveling abroad as well as teachers or young travelers under the age of 25.

The discounts don’t stop with student travel insurance either. If you’re traveling abroad, keep your eye out for student discounts on museum entrance fees, theater, bus or train tickets, and more. Especially in Europe you will find that there are student discounts for things you wouldn’t even expect. Some clothing stores and restaurants also offer student discounts if you’re carrying a student identification card. Whether you’re traveling abroad for a short trip or a longer grand tour, international student insurance will make you feel safer, and your loved ones at home will have much less to worry about.

Some travelers think that insurance (beyond regular health insurance) isn’t necessary. Yet when traveling abroad, your body will be put through things it isn’t used to. Many students experience food poisoning at some time during their trips abroad or have a bad reaction to local water, or get into an accident that requires some basic medical care. While many trips are enjoyed without a flaw from start to finish, it is better to be safe than sorry. Online you can compare prices and choose the right plan for you. An annual policy might be the best value if you plan on traveling frequently or for a long period of time. Take a look at student travel insurance and you might be surprised to discover that it is within your budget.

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