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The world's top travel destinations have always remained a debatable subject among many modern travelers. The categories that determine what makes a top vacation destination include so many different aspects, such as dining, adventure travel, beaches, history and much more, that top destinations are many different places to many different types of travelers. Any top vacation destination includes many important facets every tourist looks for when planning a getaway, with entertainment often being a main attraction. A top travel destination also exhibits the charm of showcasing a number of fascinating local attractions, whether it's an underwater world teeming with deep sea creatures and brilliant colors, nightlife second to none or shopping that's out of this world.

Top Travel Destinations - Florida Keys
Top Travel Destinations - Florida Keys

A top US travel destination enjoyed by millions of tourists every year is exciting and astounding Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas attractions come second to no other top US travel destination because of the astonishing variety of things to do and attractions to explore. Whether you're looking for nonstop gambling action, incredible spas, unbelievable shopping opportunities, an epicurean adventure or simply relaxing by a magnificent pool, Las Vegas offers it all up without compromise. Another top US travel destination that never seems to lose any of its glorious appeal is Hawaii. With four distinct islands to explore, each featuring sublime natural beauty, hundreds of fascinating attractions, a wealth of history and amenities to please the most discerning visitors, Hawaii has everything tourists need for a fun-filled vacation.

Italy is another top vacation destination making the list each year with ease. From Florence to Naples to Rome and Tuscany, Italy displays romance, excitement and several unrivaled attractions. Classic world-famous attractions like the ever-loved Leaning Tower of Pisa, the grand Sistine Chapel, the magnificent Pantheon and the stately Colosseum are only handfuls of sights to reconnoiter while visiting the region. From North to South and East to West, Italy is overflowing with pristine beaches, historical monuments, incredible Italian gardens, resplendent Italian villas and much more. Bordering three other popular European stops, Italy lends the ease of traveling to other top travel destinations in Europe including Austria, Switzerland and beloved France.

France is another classic top travel destination that never seems to lose its appeal, year after year, tourist after tourist. Food and dining in France are an experience any epi-curious traveler will remember for a lifetime while Paris shopping will surprise and delight even the most savvy and chic shopper. Perhaps the most distinguished aspect of France includes the wine circuit where regions like Bordeaux are teeming with exceptional wineries and world-famous vintners. From Champagne to Rhone to Loire and Chablis, wine aficionados will never bore of the hundreds of French wineries to tour and delectable wines to taste. France's attractions offer something for everyone including Disneyland Paris, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the French Alps, the French Riviera and a wide selection of wonderful French beaches.

Heading in a southeast direction to another top travel destination featuring superb weather conditions and distinct natural beauty, the Caribbean attracts millions of tourists each year. The Caribbean remains a quintessential top vacation destination for the many opportunities offered throughout the beautiful and vibrant islands. For those who want to soak in the sun and enjoy one of the most laid-back lifestyles in the world, the Caribbean islands are just the place. From the cerulean waters in Aruba, exceptional diving and snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, a long and fascinating history in St Lucia or exciting cultural events in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean islands offer rest, relaxation and fun unlike any other top vacation destination.

Another distinct top travel destination featuring a blend of a number of unique flavors and landscapes is the United Kingdom. Not only does history run deep within the fissures of the UK but the diversity in choices of areas to visit is unparalleled. Cosmopolitan cities, verdant green countryside and sparkling coastlines are all included in the mixture. Not only does London, England take the top spot as the top travel destination in the UK, it also takes one of the top spots as a travel destination in the world. Though seemingly plagued by endless gray weather and rain, many visitors are surprised by the lovely weather many places throughout the UK enjoy at certain times of the year. In London the massive amount of museums and galleries to visit is mind-boggling and as an additional bonus, many are free of charge. Buckingham Palace, along with Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park and the popular shopping areas are only a few of the most-visited and enjoyed parts of London. Outside of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales offer more than their fair share of attractions and things to do. Shopping, dining, sightseeing and fantastic nightlife offer only part of the full range of activities to relish in when visiting the United Kingdom.

Globetrotting across the world, there are plenty of top travel destinations to explore. Many tourists prefer the ambience and passion experienced throughout Europe while others favor the modern and innovative amenities and services found throughout many parts of the United States. Adventure seekers may head south to areas like Peru and Costa Rica while beach-lovers and sun worshipers alike head to the world's hot spots like the Caribbean Islands, Thailand and Malaysia. One fact remains among the great debates of the best destination in the world; the top places to visit all afford a look at the world with new eyes, magnificent landscape, fascinating people and cultures and memories that will forever have a part in molding and shaping our perspective on life and the planet.

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