Travel Auto Insurance

Travel auto insurance is worth getting ahead of time if you don’t already have your own auto insurance, particularly as getting a policy through a rental car company may not always be the best option. Researching travel insurance and travel auto insurance before you depart will ensure your trip goes smoothly without any interruptions. There are different ways to obtain rental car insurance, so if you plan on driving a rental car during your trip, do a little research before signing on a dotted line. One of the most common accidents during travel is one in your rental car, so plan ahead to be safe instead of sorry.

Before agreeing to purchase travel auto insurance with the rental agency, savvy travelers will do a little research first. The first step is to call your existing car insurance company or go over your policy carefully. Your policy might extend coverage to rental cars, and if they do, the next step is to find out if that coverage includes only domestic rental cars, or if it covers international rental cars too. Many travelers are pleased to discover that rental car insurance is included in their regular policy, and they can drive a rental car without worrying about not being covered.

Another option for travel auto insurance is your credit cards. Many credit card companies offer affordable rental car insurance when you agree to pay for the rental with your card. Travelers are often surprised at just how affordable these packages can be, so don’t skip this option if your regular car insurance doesn’t include car rentals. For many travelers, the last option is to sign up for insurance from the car rental company. While some do offer affordable policies, others offer ridiculously expensive ones. Doing a little research beforehand to know what a reasonable policy costs will help you to figure out whether a car rental company is offering a good deal.

Travel auto insurance is one type of insurance many people forget about. While regular travel insurance, or family travel insurance, or even trip cancellation insurance is researched before departing on a trip—many people arrive at the rental counter to discover they forgot to look into insurance for the rental car. The first step in this instance will be to call your regular car insurance company. They should be able to tell you over the phone whether or not you are covered in a certain destination. The next option will be to call your favorite credit card company, or find out if the rental agency has an affiliation with any credit card company.

On the other hand, some rental car agencies offer great deals. Collision coverage is an important thing to look out for; this will cover you in case of any small accidents or even bumps and scrapes. Even a parked car can be hit or scraped, so no matter how safe of a driver you are, don’t rent a car without proper insurance. Also look for coverage that includes theft, vandalism, or any collisions with animals. This will cover your back for almost all circumstances you could encounter on the road. Once your rental car insurance is set, don’t give it another thought, and simply enjoy your vacation!

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