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Travel books come in handy for more than mapping out a destination once you get there—sometimes planning a trip can be half the fun. While the web is also a great resource, it can be exciting to get a copy of a travel book that you can write on, bookmark, and take with you on your trip. Every traveler will have their own opinion on the best travel books, but some of the most popular series include Let’s Go, Frommer's, Time Out, Rough Guides, Insight Guides, and Michelin Guides, among others. Beyond traditional books there are also travel e-books and guides geared towards specific groups, such as budget travelers. These books all contain valuable information to help you plan a trip.

Many travelers use travel books as a source of inspiration. Browsing at a bookstore in the travel section might help you to identify a region or culture that you would like to explore further. Some people think that the best travel books are small and compact (to fit in your pocket) while others prefer comprehensive volumes that include details on history and politics as well as suggestions for attractions, restaurants, tours, and practical information such as airports, currency, and local customs. The best books also include details on local etiquette and suggestions for staying safe during travel.

Luckily travelers will have no shortage of choice for travel books. Choose among books like the Eyewitness guides, known for their vibrant photographs, or Frommers Guides, known for offering information at a variety of price ranges. Rough Guides are a great choice for backpackers or budget travelers, while history buffs will love the comprehensive coverage of Fodor's guides. Depending on your destination, you might be able to narrow down your choices by who has the most recent title, or what size and style suits your needs for this individual trip.

Some travelers think that the best travel books are the specific ones. This can mean an entire book on one city, providing an in depth look at all of the culture, museums, parks, and tours that are on offer. Other travelers enjoy travel narratives. These include popular stories such as Eat, Pray, Love and other travelogues that will bring readers along for a wild ride to destinations around the globe. This is a growing genre and whether you’re looking for the perspective of an investigative journalist or a love story, you will be able to find it in modern travel literature.

Don’t forget about travel magazines too. Magazines can at time be more up to date than books, and offer of-the-moment information on restaurants, nightclubs, and exhibitions. Signing up for a subscription can offer significant discounts on magazines including Travel & Leisure, National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel, or AFAR. Each of these has their own unique travel angle, similar to the guidebooks, so finding the right match is important. Once you find a good fit, you too will realize that planning the trip, anticipating all of its pleasures, can take the monotony out of the daily 9-to-5 type life.

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