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A travel guides list is one place to begin the planning process for a trip, whether it’s a big vacation or a weekend getaway. Often at the time leading up to a trip, the anticipation of getting away can be as much as the trip itself, and there is tons of information for travelers out there. Everyone has their own opinion on the best travel guides, but the truth is there is a perfect guide for every trip. If you’re planning a budget adventure, a culinary escape, or a romantic trip, odds are you will want to use a different guidebook. Finding the right one for you will ensure you maximize your vacation in every way. A travel guides list can be lengthy, but there are some guidebooks that are really known for their quality.

The best travel guides depend on what you expect from the book. Some travelers are looking for a comprehensive guide on everything a destination offers, including history, politics, and more. Other travelers are looking for a pocket guide to carry around while exploring a city, or a simple top-10 style book that makes planning an itinerary simple. Guidebooks have seriously evolved in the last few years, and some books are now based around hobbies, such as culinary tourism. Every guidebook has their own approach to how these sources of information are evolving, so going to the bookstore and browsing the shelves can often be full of surprises.

  • Rough Guides: When reading a travel guides list, this is one case where the title reveals a great deal of the content. Rough Guides are designed for budget travelers looking to stretch their money and are extremely popular among backpackers.
  • Frommer's and Fodor's: These two guides have earned a reputation for providing thorough information, including historical background, as well as hotel and restaurant options in a variety of price ranges, which makes them appeal to a range of travelers as well.
  • Eyewitness Guides: The beautiful, eye-catching photographs in this line of guides are appealing to travelers who want to get a glimpse of what attractions they’ll see before they go on their trips.
  • Lonely Planet: Famous for its globetrotting writers, Lonely Planet produces thorough and interesting guides that often include a few photos as well. These guides are also updated frequently.
  • Insight Guides: Another type of guide known for its colorful photography, Insight also includes essays by local experts to give travelers a sense of the area’s culture, and they also produce specialized guides on shopping, eating, and museums.
  • Let's Go Guides: Let’s Go was the first guide series aimed at student travelers. Although they don’t have as many photographs as other guides, the content is written by traveling researchers with a focus on student-friendly—and budget-friendly—travel.
  • Michelin Guides: The best-known Michelin guides are in the Red Guide series, which focuses on hotels and restaurants, though the Green Guides cover more general travel and tourism. Michelin is especially lauded for its restaurant ratings, which are among the most recognized and valued in the world.
  • Moon Travel Guides: Moon Handbooks are available for destinations around the world, and there are detailed Moon Metro guides available for several large cities as well, dividing up the city into neighborhoods and focusing on local attractions. Although the series doesn’t cover as many destinations as larger guides, the Moon guides are still known for their quality.
  • E-Books: Some travelers think that the best travel guides are e-books. These guides are easy to search, are portable, and can be updated on a regular basis. Travelers who are looking for the most up to date information might find what they’re looking for in an e-book, on a blog, or in a recent issue of a travel magazine. For the latest news on restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and more, a guidebook might seem a little outdated. On the other hand, guidebooks do everything in their power to deliver the latest information, and books are often updated and printed in annual editions. Whatever book you choose, set aside some time to enjoy the planning phase of your trip.

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