US Passport Regulations

In order to meet US passport regulations, travelers will need to obtain a passport. Getting a passport takes about six weeks generally, so be sure to start planning to get a passport well in advance of your trip. In order to meet US passport regulations, you will need to be sure and have a passport that is easily readable. US passport regulations require that passport holders have a passport that is not ripped or damaged in any way and is fully readable.

United States passport regulations for applying for a passport for the first time require that you apply for your passport in person, rather than through the mail. United States passport regulations will also require that you bring along two identical passport photos to the passport service station when applying for your passport.

If you are renewing your passport, you are allowed to renew your passport through the mail. You will still need to send in new passport photos, still two identical 2x2 photos. You will simply send your old passport along with your passport application and other documentation for renewing a passport.

Along with United States passport regulations, there are also a number of United States airlines regulations. United States airlines regulations have changed recently and travelers will now be required to be careful about what they bring on the plane as carry on items. Liquids and gels will now need to be in small, original containers. The containers must be no more than 3 ounces in size, and if you plan on bringing them on the plane they will need to be in a clear sealable bag. United States airline regulations will also require that certain items will not be allowed on the plane, including weapons, explosives, and other items.

In the past, travelers throughout North America were able to easily travel between countries such as the US, Canada, and Mexico without a passport. Particularly on cruises to the Bahamas or the Carribean Islands, travelers often enjoyed the convenience of carrying simply a birth certificate with their photo ID. Beginning toward the end of 2007, however, all US citizens will be required to carry and present a valid passport in order to travel between North American countries, even for short vacation stays and aboard cruises. Children will also need their own passports for vacation travel, including newborns and infants.

Renewing your passport every ten years will still be required, which can be done through the mail most conveniently. Expired passports will not be accepted at any border crossings, even for short stays. All airplane regulations and passport regulations are worth paying attention to for anyone planning to travel abroad. Being familiar with the rules and regulations can save you time and money.

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