All Inclusive Beach Resorts

All inclusive beach resorts have an attraction for travelers that’s hard to deny. If your budget is tight this winter, planning an all inclusive beach trip will help you to know before you board the plane exactly what the trip is likely to cost. However, while these types of trips have gained a reputation as a budget option, this isn’t always the case. There are many examples of luxurious beach vacation packages, from options that are perfect for families to deluxe packages that are perfect for honeymoons. If you’re not sure whether an all inclusive trip is right for you, read on for an overview of common packages.

All Inclusive Beach Resorts
All Inclusive Beach Resorts

One of the best options for families are all inclusive beach resorts. These options, which are popular throughout the Caribbean and beyond, make it easy for families to enjoy their vacation stress-free. Parents will love the freedom that an all inclusive beach trip provides. When food, drinks, and entertainment are part of one package price, that means kids can run around the resort at their pace, leaving parents to relax and soak up the sun. Not needing cash every time your kid wants an ice cream cone or a sift drink results in less hassle, and for this reason, beach vacation packages have been, and continue to be, a popular option for families. From banana boats to snorkeling to family-friendly barbecues, all inclusive options are often creative and satisfying, and they’re always relaxing.

Beyond the family options, there is a whole new type of all inclusive beach trip. Expanding on the hassle-free model, there are luxury hotels that realize the value in not carrying a wallet during a trip. This is especially popular with honeymooners, who want to disappear somewhere fantastically romantic and not worry for a moment about what individual things cost. One popular resort for this is Turtle Island in Fiji, an exclusive resort with just fourteen rooms and fourteen beaches. All food, drinks, activities, and even an individual personal assistant are included in the cost of the room. Offering one of the most attractive and personalized beach vacation packages around, this resort is ideal for honeymooners and special romantic occasions—once you get here, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

From the Caribbean to Mexico to the Pacific Islands, options for all inclusive beach resorts extend across the globe. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, some of the best options will be a package that includes transportation and transfers as well. Research packages online or through a travel agent to find deals that include airfare and transportation from the airport; this allows you to stick to your budget to the penny because you’ll know up front what you can expect to pay for your vacation. Travelers who have some extra time to research independently might be able to find even better airfare deals than are on offer with packages.

Although they’re a great option for most travelers, there are also some negative elements to beach vacation packages to keep in mind. While packages do make many things simple, such as activities and snacks or beverages, some visitors complain that an all-inclusive resort can be limiting. If you’re the type of traveler that likes to seek out local culture and off-the-beaten path restaurants, you might find this type of package restrictive, and once you’ve paid for meals it can be difficult to justify going out to restaurants and spending more money. However, there are some packages that offer a compromise, such as dinners aren’t included, or options that allow you to choose how many all-inclusive days you desire during your trip. Whatever you choose, the sunsets and scenic beaches will make you glad you booked a trip to get away from the winter!

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