Beach Girls

Beach girls are a big perk for many tropical vacationers. Everyone likes a little eye candy during a beach vacation, and from bikini-clad beach girls to buff men who must spend an incredible amount of time in the gym, some beaches are better known for their beautiful people than others. Often, the places where you will find the best girls on the beach is also where great nightlife will be found. Whether you’re jetting off to Miami, Ibiza, or Brazil, you are sure to find plenty to feast your eyes on during your trip. Brazilian beach girls might just be an inspiration to hit the gym yourself, so go ahead, book your trip, and start getting in shape for the beach!

For decades, some of the most stunning beach girls have flocked to South Beach in Miami. The beaches in this South Florida hotspot should be used as an advertisement for staying in shape. South Beach is the sort of place where the fun continues all day long. During the day, join the best girls on the beach for a game of volleyball, and once the sun sets hit the nightclubs or indulge in Miami’s great dining and cocktails scene. While South Beach is known for being expensive, it has also developed a reputation for attracting some of the most beautiful people in the world to relax on its beaches and party in its clubs.

While you will likely see Brazilian beach girls on the shores of Miami, there’s no place like Rio to get the complete experience. Brazil is known for the quality of its beaches and the small size of its bikinis, and like Miami, the beaches of Brazil are also a great place to discover the current nightlife hotspots. Strike up a conversation when you go out for a swim or are tossing around a Frisbee and you’ll find out exactly where to spend your Saturday night. Don’t get too distracted by the beach girls in Brazil though; it is important to keep an eye on your possessions as petty theft can easily ruin a day at the beach. Be sure to always leave your passport at your hotel in case your bag is stolen, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying large amounts of money.

Another place to find the best girls on the beach is in Spain. From Mallorca to Ibiza, these beaches will be full of young people who are ready to party. These Spanish islands are known not only for the beauty of the beaches, but also for the quality of their nightlife. If you’re looking for a place that consistently attracts beautiful people and offers some of the best clubs on the globe, then Spain is a perfect fit for you. As always, remember your sunblock—the sun in Spain can be extremely strong!

While it was Brazilian beach girls that made the teeny bikini a worldwide craze, girls of all nationalities can now be seen in these revealing bathing suits. While each season there seems to be new attempts in the fashion world for bathing suits, the classic Brazilian bikini is a popular choice year after year. Across the globe, from the golden sands of Miami to the Caribbean to South America and and the beaches in Europe, people are celebrating summer by hitting the beach during the day and keeping the partying going in the nightclubs under the stars.

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