Best Party Beaches in the World

Beach parties go hand in hand with beach vacations for many travelers, and any coastline where the sun is shining is bound to have at least a few. Spice up your next vacation by planning a trip where you can not only soak up the sun, but can stay up all night dancing on the best party beaches. From a classic Spring Break beach party to places where the party never misses a beat year-round, there are options whenever you want escape your office and hit the beach! From Florida to Mexico, South America to Thailand, there are beaches were the parties have earned as big a reputation as the stunning landscapes.

One of the biggest beach party times of the year is undoubtedly Spring Break. Taking place over a couple weeks each spring when colleges across the United States give their students a week off in the middle of the semester, the Spring Break beach party has become synonymous with fun and craziness. Spring Break isn’t your typical beach party with a guitar and bonfire—these parties include live music, entertainment, a variety of frozen cocktails, and plenty of young people looking to party. For decades now, Mexico and specifically Cancun has maintained its reputation as one of the best places to go for Spring Break. Travel packages and all inclusive resorts make Mexico very attractive as well.

However, some of the best party beaches are outside of Mexico. As airfare becomes more and more affordable, the beaches in South America are gaining more popularity among travelers in the US. Brazil may have become internationally known for the beauty of their beach girls, but the beaches in Brazil themselves are equally as gorgeous. Brazil and Argentina have been gaining popularity as destinations for some of the best beach parties on the globe. If you want to experience some interesting culture along with your party atmosphere, try somewhere different in South America.

One of the most famous beach parties in the world takes place in Thailand. Almost every seasoned traveler has something to say about the full moon party, a night where locals and travelers alike take to the beach to celebrate the full moon. The antics of this occasion have earned Koh Phangan the title of one of the best party beaches on the planet. Many backpackers try and plan their tour of Thailand around attending a full moon party. If you are planning on visiting Thailand, it is worth investigating ahead of time when the upcoming full moons will be. If they don’t coincide with your trip, however, you’ll still find plenty of partying at beaches on Phuket and other top tourist destinations.

If you’re looking for a Spring Break beach party closer to home, don’t worry—there are many options. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are known for the quality of their beaches and their nightlife, as are Daytona Beach and Panama City. These aren’t the best places to travel if you’re on a budget however. Some Caribbean islands such as Jamaica offer great deals for Spring Break travelers. Vacation packages make this island an attractive choice for college students, and don’t forget about Spring Break cruises as well. These can be some of the best Spring Break parties as students cruise from island to island in the Caribbean, with nothing to worry about other than relaxing in the sun and enjoying the views of the sea.

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