Beach Sunsets

Beach Sunsets
Beach Sunsets

Beach sunsets are a nearly iconic image for a tranquil vacation, whether it’s a solo getaway or a honeymoon. After all, what more romantic end to a day is there than watching the sun set over the ocean? After a day of sunbathing, splashing in the surf, and beach activities travelers are often rewarded with a tropical sunset. Whether you are holding the hand of your significant other or sipping on a tropical drink, sunsets are one of the most wonderful aspects of getting away to the world's romantic beaches. The next logical question to ask is where to find the best beach sunset. Luckily there are many places across the globe that offer this spectacular wonder, and seeing the individual characteristics of each one is a reason to keep traveling!

Sunsets in the Caribbean have long been famous for their variety of orange, red, and golden tones. While anyone can watch the sunset from a beach, why not watch it from a boat? This perspective will make you feel like you are a part of the experience, as the colors will dance on the boat and the sails as they reflect off the water. In Aruba, there are many sailing and snorkeling tours that will bring you out for an afternoon of adventure, followed by a sunset sail. After this experience, you are sure to agree that there is no better place to watch a tropical sunset than from a boat!

Beach sunsets are one very popular reason for beach rentals. From the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the coastline of Florida, many travelers choose a vacation rental over a hotel to watch the sunset each evening from their private deck or balcony. Whether you’re sipping on a frozen drink or firing up the barbecue, you will be glad to have the space and privacy to enjoy this nightly natural phenomenon. While the best beach sunset across the globe is debatable, many people would agree that they are even better when spent with the people that you love.

Beach sunsets can also be enjoyed from resorts. Many resorts in the Caribbean offer balconies where you can sit back and enjoy the show. From the Bahamas to Puerto Rico to St Martin, the best way to begin the evening is by watching a tropical sunset. This nightly display of natural beauty is one reason why many honeymooners choose the Caribbean as the destination to spend their first week together as a married couple. Many resorts offer especially luxurious accommodation for honeymooners, and a bottle of champagne will make watching the sunset even more special.

The best beach sunset is affected by the daily weather conditions. Some people are surprised that a few clouds in the sky actually enhance the beauty of a sunset. When the sky is completely free of clouds, the sunset is of course beautiful, but perhaps more predictable. The presence of clouds can make the sunset on each night of your trip a different and unique experience. A sunset is guaranteed to make any trip to the Caribbean even more romantic. This winter, plan a beach vacation and reconnect while watching one of nature’s best shows.

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