Central America Beaches

Central America beaches tend to be overlooked by beach travelers due to the popularity of the Caribbean and South America. However, those looking for a sunnny beach vacation should not forget about the beautiful expanses of beach in countries such as Costa Rica, Belize, and Honduras; this area is home to some of the world's best beaches. The beautiful weather year-round, modern resorts and hotels, diving excursions, and soft sand all add to the list of attractions that draw sun-seekers to this part of the world, and finding the best beach in Central America for your trip is simply a matter of deciding what’s most important for your vacation. Combined with a unique culture and relatively peaceful resorts, these Central America beaches provide visitors with everything they need for a perfect holiday filled with sun, sand, and fun.

One of the most popular spots for those seeking a tropical beach in the Caribbean is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is blessed with miles of beautiful coastline as the country is almost completely surrounded by warm water. The warm weather that’s here twelve months a year is quite the draw for those who wish to escape the winter cold elsewhere in the world, but the best months to visit these Central America beaches are during the dry season, between December and April. The Nicoya Peninsula, on the northwest coast of the country, is home to what is sometimes regarded as the best beach in Central America. Montezuma Beach is a popular spot for the international crowd and those who prefer a liberal atmosphere and great people-watching. The sunsets over the beach are breathtaking, and the beach can accommodate hundreds of visitors. Playa Grande, just north of Montezuma, is a great spot for those looking to indulge in some surfing on their beach vacation. Parts of the beach here are also clothing-optional, drawing a mixed crowd from people of all walks of life.

El Salvador is another fantastic beach destination in Central America. This tiny country is becoming more popular for its fabulous surfing, beautiful beaches, and lively culture; it's increasingly popular for family beach vacations. Lined by the Pacific Ocean, El Salvador offers a range of beaches blessed with expanses of sand and warm water. La Libertad is the most popular area as it is a lively port town and is in close proximity to great beaches. The surf break here is unbeatable and is still relatively untouched by droves of tourists; the typical clientele here is international backpackers and locals. El Sunzal is one of the best spots for surfing and sunning and is not far out from the main town. The black sand and crashing waves make for a perfect atmosphere. El Zonte, just north of here, is also a challenging spot for surfers and is quiet and secure. The beach here is more secluded and waves less crowded making for a pleasant escape from other tourists.

Belize is an up-and-coming hot spot for international beach travelers. Located on the southeastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, bordered by Mexico and Guatemala, the beaches in Belize provide an unspoiled and peaceful vacation. Although there isn't a large variety, the beaches in Belize are known for their impeccably clear turquoise waters, small, sandy areas and world-famous dive sites. The largest concentration of beaches are around Ambergris Caye and are found as part of the resorts. However, all beaches in Belize are public, so even if they are attached to a resort, visitors are usually welcome. Be advised that while beautiful, the beaches here are quite small and mainly serve as a beginning point for diving excursions.

Honduras is also another great spot to look into for your next beach vacation. There are a variety of spots that offer beautiful beaches and tranquil waters, whether it be on the mainland or on one of the islands off the coast. The Bay Island of Roatan is home to the best beach in Honduras, and visitors will not be disappointed with the Caribbean atmosphere, soft sand and swaying palms. Scattered around the island, visitors can choose from beaches in West Bay or Sandy Bay, cultural experiences at Punta Gorda or Jones Ville, and various water activities at Paya Bay. Each country in this part of the world has its own contender for the title of best beach in Central America, so no matter where you go on your vacation, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

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