Clothing Optional

Clothing optional vacations are a new experience for some, and for others, it’s the only way to travel. It’s about freedom and leaving your inhibitions behind. It’s a way to shake off convention and experience a liberty that few have in everyday life. Resorts, cruises, beaches, big festivals and other experiences are waiting out here for those who to leave convention far behind—and get a tan without any tan lines.

Clothing Optional All Inclusive Resorts

For a vacation with all the perks and none of the clothes, an all-inclusive resort is an excellent choice. While most of the resorts out there require their guests to be clothed, some of the resorts have designated places where nudity is allowed. Others are located steps away from nudist beaches, providing easy access to the sun and surf. With four locations in Mexico’s top vacation destinations, Original Resorts (pictured above) draws the attention of many clothing optional travelers. A few of its properties are geared towards families and require clothes, but the resort company also operates adults-only resorts where it’s more than acceptable to go topless. Its Temptation Resort Spa is just one of the Cancun resorts where clothing is optional, but the amenities are plentiful. You’ll also find clothing optional resorts in the Caribbean, including on the island of Jamaica.

Clothing Optional Cruises

Cruising is especially well-suited for special interests, and those interested in traveling without inhibitions often enjoy traveling together. Several cruise lines set sail on clothing optional dates. The aptly named Carnival Freedom sets sail for occasional clothes free Caribbean cruises—with all the same amenities you’d expect for a cruise. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line also offers clothing free sails on select weeks of the year. Its itineraries includes ports of call at some of the Caribbean islands with clothing optional beaches, such as Saint Martin and Saint Kitts. Not all of the naturist cruises take place in the Caribbean. If you’re looking to head to Europe and leave your clothes in the cabin, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to set sail. The French Riviera and other countries along the Mediterranean are lined with topless and clothing optional beaches, so they’re a natural place for a cruise. Windstar Cruise Line operates a luxury sailboat that cruises from Barcelona, Spain, to Cap d’ Agde, France’s naturism capital. Here, there’s much more to do sans clothes than sunbathing. Shopping and dining are perfectly permissible if you’ve left your clothes on the ship.

Clothing Optional Beaches

For many naturists, the first place they encounter the clothing optional world is at the beach. Nudity is not legal at most beaches, but a select few beaches allow various levels of clothing optional bathing. Some are open for topless bathing, while others are fully nude beaches. In the French Riviera, nude and topless beaches are easy to find—it’s one of the most famous places in the world for nude bathing. You’ll also find plenty of sun and warm weather elsewhere in Europe. Skiathos Banana Beach Greece is the country’s premiere nude sunbathing beach; it’s nestled in the Greek isles, home to three secluded beaches and several resorts. Along the hot shores of Miami, Haulover Beach is one of the few beaches along the East Coast of the U.S. where clothing is optional. On a sunny day, it’s not uncommon to see thousands of people gathering along the beach—about 60 percent of them are undressed.

Clothing Optional Events

Clothing Optional Events
Clothing Optional Events  Image: fabola (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

Clothing optional experiences are also found at special events where freedom and self-expression are the norm. In England, the Abbey House Gardens hosts many clothing-optional events, such as weddings, garden tours, and teas—it is home to the naked gardeners, Ian & Barbara Pollard after all. They do dress for visitors, except for the scheduled clothing-optional days. Their estate is located at the gateway to the Cotswolds in Malmesbury. In the United States, the Burning Man Festival (pictured) often finds people in a state of undress as they’re expressing their freedom. The weekend long festival is held every August in northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Another special event with flair, the World Body Painting Festival puts its own Down Under spin on clothing optional events. It takes place every July in the beach town of Pörtschach, Australia.

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